Funny Christmas Quote- George Carlin

funny christmas quote picture

Naughty George Carlin, ha. :-)


~ h

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Inspirational Quotes Round Up

every moment is the guru quote

As the end of the year draws closer, I find myself drawn to inspirational quotes. These are all my own photos and some of my favorites.

I like that these together kind of tell a story of things that I believe and that sometimes I need to hear again to remind myself.

breath of kindness quote

Abraham Lincoln Roses Quote

path happiness quote

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Mary Oliver Quote

mary oliver quote tell me

I’ve been taking pictures with my cell phone on my walks, this was the sky near my house just before a rain.

I’ve always loved this quote, Mary Oliver is a beautiful poet.


~ Heidi

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Bexon’s Cause


Hi. I know this time of year a lot of people want to give a little tiding of great joy to those who really deserve and need it, desperately.

I have some babies and kids who truly need your help, if you can spare even 1, 5 or 10 dollars.

If I’ve entertained you or given you recipes you can use this past year, this is all I ask, if you can afford it.

If you can’t, just please send a prayer a good thought or vibe to the babies and children with Progressive Infantile Scoliosis (also called Early Onset Scoliosis.)

My son Bexon was miraculously saved by a village of angels, Shriner’s Hospitals For Children are astounding and incredibly worthy of your donations.

We are also forever and ever in the debt of The Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program and the Warrior Mama who brought the treatment to the U.S. that saved my son’s spine and changed the course of his life.

Heather Hyatt Montoya and her daughter Liv, short for Olivia, are the reason my boy has a normal life today.

Liv is a teen now and is going through so much pain, including pulmonary problems, it is unspeakable. Not a day goes by that they are not on my mind.

Heather, a single mother, has lived at the poverty level running this tiny, grass roots no-profit charity only to help other babies like mine get the right medical treatment in time, the treatment that it was too late for her precious girl to be cured by.

Heather has saved so many babies like Bex, but they can barely stay afloat year to year. You will not find a more worthy place to give even one dollar.

She is the real thing. A courageous fighter who will never give up for the children of the world.

Here is my boy Bexon’s Story in case you missed it.

To be clear, this condition is the most difficult orthopedic condition to treat in children and one of the only potentially fatal conditions in babies other than cancer.

If you can help at all, and you can donate anonymously, thank you so much and God bless you!

Here is my friend Jackie’s Go Fund Me Campaign for ISOP. I donated here myself, I also donate here: (The official donate page)

ISOP Donation page.

Jackie is a driven fellow scoli warrior mom and I know her, her GoFundMe is totally legit and the $ will go directly to Heather and ISOP.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. That bell sound in your heart is an angel getting lungs that can breathe and a straight spine.

edf cast

Much love to you and yours,

~ Heidi

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Easy Christmas Fudge!

easy christmas fudge

I love fudge and I also love peppermint bark at holiday time, like my mother Nancy does. She’s to blame for turning me on to it.

It’s all my mother’s fault. And Ree Drummond.

I just recently started watching The Pioneer Woman on The Food Network (I’ve read Ree’s blog for years, but for some reason had never seen the show- now I get to record older ones and catch up).

This easy homemade Christmas Fudge is adapted from her simple yummy recipe for Easy Peppermint Fudge, but I added the vanilla/white chocolate top layer to make it more like peppermint bark.

Oh. My. God. It is divine.

It was so good I took only 38 pictures of it.

This is definitely not a skinny dessert, ha, it’s just a luxurious candy treat. But you can pack some up pretty as gifts or give it to kids when they come over for play dates.

It has just four ingredients, five if you count the cooking spray.


1.) One package milk chocolate chips, I used an 11.5 oz bag.

I’m sure dark or semi-sweet would be amazing.

2.) One bag white chocolate chips, 11.5 ounces as well, I used Ghiradelli for both.

3.) One regular sized can of sweetened condensed milk, 14 ounces. I used Carnation.

4.) Peppermint candy canes (I used about 6 or 7 little ones) or 7-8 peppermint candies crushed up.

5.) Cooking spray, I just used olive oil spray.


I just followed the gist of it from the show, but did it my own way. I put one bag of milk chocolate chips in one non stick cooking skillet and the bag of white chocolate chips in another one.

I split the can of sweetened condensed milk between the two, half and half, I just eyeballed it.

I then heated them both on a medium heat and stirred them separately with bamboo spatulas. Don’t cook too long, just until melted smooth, or it begins to harden.

Meanwhile, I lined a 9×6 (or use an 8×8) baking dish with aluminum foil, pressing it down smooth-ish, and then I sprayed the inside of the foil lightly with cooking spray.

As soon as the chocolate is melted and stirred, pour and spread the milk chocolate layer first, then the white chocolate vanilla layer over it.

Use different spatulas of course, for layers- but it would taste fantastic mixed, anyway.

I let it set on the counter and my little boy and I put the candy canes loose in a big plastic ziplock bag and took it outside to the driveway pavement.

We both crushed the crap out of it with a hammer (be careful).

We sprinkled the candy bits over the top and I covered it lightly with foil. I put it in the fridge for about one hour or more until cooled in the middle.

I could pull it out of the foil pretty easily with my hands, then you cut it into small (or big) squares and enjoy.

Happy Holidays!


~ Heidi

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I Hate to Ruin the Ending- Quote

i hate to ruin the ending quote

This is comforting.


~ h

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Minute Queso!

minute queso

If you love cheese like I do, you will love this yummy, easy cheesy queso dip and spread I made up. It takes only about 2 minutes of prep and 30 seconds to heat.

I’m southern raised, but this contains no Velveeta! Ha ha. I like Velveeta, though.

What’s unique about this queso is that I used some slices of peperoncini from a jar to give it a little extra flavor and a slight spicy kick.

This is great for a snack on tortilla chips or crackers, or spread on a sandwich or wrap as a luscious hot topping.

This afternoon I put it on a whole wheat tortilla with some sliced deli chicken for lunch, mmm.

It’s definitely not fat free, but it’s portion controlled and loaded with calcium.

Ingredients: (Serves the amount you see on my wrap pictured above, or a generous amount for about 5 tortilla chips or water crackers. Double, etc., as needed for a group.)

1.) Two tablespoons shredded cheddar cheese, I used 2% mild cheddar, sharp would be awesome.

2.) Two tablespoons shredded mozzarella cheese, or try Monterey Jack.

3.) One teaspoon real butter, I use salted.

4.) One tablespoon half n’ half.

5.) Five or 6 rings of deli-sliced golden Greek peperoncini. I buy the brand Mezzetta in a jar, which you can get pretty much anywhere.

You can also buy the whole peperoncini in a jar and slice them yourself, you don’t need much.

Optional: Hot sauce, I like Cholula, salt and pepper or garlic salt, any other hot peppers if you’re daring. Sometimes I add a little dash of Parmesan cheese if I’m in the mood.


Put all ingredients in a microwave safe little bowl, microwave on high for 20 seconds. Take out and stir, then pop it back in for another 10 seconds or until creamy and melty. Serve immediately, but don’t burn your tongue.

Calories: Queso alone is only about 150 calories, my wrap above was about 400.



~ Heidi

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