If It Doesn’t Open, It Wasn’t Your Door

If it doesn't open it wasn't your door

I’m not sure what the origin of this quote is, but it sounds very Buddhist to me. Or Christian, I’m not sure. Let’s just say spiritual.

Some people say God has perfect timing, so things happen at the time they’re meant to. Even when it doesn’t feel like it.

I like to hope that’s true.


~ Heidi

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Amy Schumer – Last F**kable Day – Uncensored

I love “Inside Amy Schumer” – she’s a sneaky feminist- and this clip from Amy’s show titled Last F**kable Day¬† is definitely uncensored and hilarious.

I’m not an actress, but I have worked in Hollywood as a screenwriter and I’ve sat in meetings with certain producers where actresses were being *ahem* discussed.

It would curl your hair.

I believe there is no such thing as a last F**kable Day in real life, not if you’re with someone who truly loves you, but in the biz, I think this is pretty true.

Maybe we can change that, the notion of age and sexy in the eyes of the movie industry, I mean Meryl Streep is hot, man.

All of these ladies define sexy, to me.


~ Heidi

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Funny Kid’s Chicken Joke

chicken or rooster

My 7 year old boy Bexon told me this funny two part kid’s joke (he heard it from his friend Eli, age 8.)

Bex: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Me: “I don’t know, why?”

Bex: “To get to your house.”

Wait for it…while I smile and pause, he jumps right back in…

Bex: “Knock Knock!”

Me: “Who’s there?”

*spreads his arms wide*

Bex: “The CHIIIC-KEN!!!”

boy sunglasses angry birds t shirt

The chicken made it!


~ h

P.S. That picture above is one of my mom’s chickens. Or roosters. Listen man, I’m not checking which one, I’m not a chicken gynecologist.

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Skinny Greek Artichoke Salad!

skinny greek artichoke salad

Hello! The weekend is over and Monday is always a good day to put on my healthy eating hat. We try to just do a little better, y’all.

This is an easy, zesty and light twist on traditional Greek salad that takes no time to throw together, maybe 5 minutes.

I eat it as an in between meal snack or side dish, but a bigger batch would be great for a picnic or BBQ, too.

I didn’t have any olives or bell pepper on hand, but Greek olives and any color of chopped bell peppers would be perfect in this if ya like ‘em.


1.) One small to medium cucumber, I used an organic Persian seedless cucumber.

2.) Four artichoke hearts, I use the canned kind packed in water/salt and citric acid, not oil.

3.) Four or five small tomatoes, I use organic sugarplum tomatoes.

4.) One ounce crumbled fat free feta cheese.

5.) Two teaspoons extra virgin olive oil.

6.) A few splashes of red wine vinegar to taste.

7.) One tablespoon (or less) diced red onion.

Optional: A squeeze of lemon can be used instead of or with the vinegar and salt and pepper to taste- I like Lawry’s garlic salt.

A little fresh or dried parsley is always pretty for a garnish.


Pretty self explanatory!

Just wash and chop everything up, I cut the little tomatoes and cucumber slices in half. I toss it all together and drizzle the EVOO and vinegar on last, then salt and pepper to taste.

Toss a bit more and eat.

Calories: I calculate this at roughly 215 calories.

Hope you enjoy.


~ Heidi

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Life Life As If Everything Is Rigged In Your Favor

live life as if everything is rigged in your favor

These are the flowers in someone’s yard along my daily (Okay, four times a week) walk in my neighborhood.

I heard this quote on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday show, I think it was the Arianna Huffington episode.

What a great idea, to imagine that everything that happens in your life, whether it seems good or bad, is actually meant to help you in the big picture.

This is probably true, but so easy to forget.

Either way, it’s a good way to try to think about things.

Love it.


~ H

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Throwback Thursday- Jessica’s Daily Affirmation

“I can be a shark.”

This is really worth watching again, sweet girl- I need to do this in the mirror every morning- ha.


~ h

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Robin Williams Tribute Video- Jamie Costa

Wow! This made me smile. I hope it does you, too. Well done, Jamie Costa. You’re a gifted young man, indeed.

RIP to our friend, beloved Robin.


~ h

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