Buffalo Roast Chicken

Buffalo Roast Chicken

If you love buffalo sauce and roasted chicken, get ready to cry from happiness.

The recipe is super easy and contains only 5 ingredients, plus some cooking spray.

The prep is 10 minutes or less while the oven preheats, the rest is just baking time- no basting, no checking, no more work.

This is a great family meal (if you enjoy a little spicy kick) or make this for game day instead of chicken wings- the crowd will love it!


1.) One whole chicken, preferably already brined with the giblets removed. I find the pre-brined ones are more tender.

I buy an organic one usually at Trader Joe’s that’s around 4 pounds, give or take.

2.) One half cup buffalo sauce, I strongly recommend the brand Frank’s Red Hot Wings Buffalo Sauce.

3.) Two to four tablespoons of real salted butter. Two is enough, of course four tastes even richer. I went with four, ha.

4.) Garlic cloves, peeled.

I can eat a lot of cooked garlic, so I added like, 20. Five or 10 is fine if you aren’t big on it, or skip it.

5.) One pound mini potatoes, washed, skin on. I like the little itty bitty thin skinned golden ones.

You will also need a little cooking spray (or grease the pan with a little butter or olive oil.) I use olive oil spray.

Optional for serving:

After it was roasted, I added a dollop of low fat Fage plain Greek yogurt and some chopped green onion on the side, it was yummy with the potatoes and the sauce and cooled the spice.

Kind of like baked potatoes with sour cream and chives.

You could also use sour cream of course, regular or low fat. This would be delish with blue cheese crumbles or a side salad with blue cheese dressing, too. Yum.


Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.

Remove the chicken from the packaging and pour out any liquid from the cavity into the sink, discard.

You can wash the chicken and pat it dry, but I’m pretty sure the long cooking at high temp will kill any bacteria.

Spray the inside of a large baking dish or roasting pan with cooking spray. Lay the chicken in it, breast side up.

Wash the small potatoes and place them in the pan around the chicken. Add the peeled garlic cloves around the potatoes.

I buy the garlic peeled at Trader Joe’s in the refrigerator section, it’s vacuum packed and very fresh. Saves me a step.

Measure the buffalo sauce, set that aside, and put the butter in a small glass dish, I microwave it for about 30 seconds until it’s melted.

Pour or drizzle the butter all over the visible parts of the chicken, over the breasts, legs and wings. It helps with browning to a crisp.

You can rub it around with your hands, too, if you wanna massage it.

Now pour/drizzle the buffalo sauce over the chicken on top of the butter.

You don’t even need to add salt, it has enough, especially if it was brined.

Lastly, I spray the potatoes lightly with the olive oil spray to prevent them drying out and put the whole thing in the oven, uncovered.

Bake at 425 for an hour and a half. If your chicken is larger, it may need an extra 15 minutes.

It should look crispy brown and the legs when jostled should easily pull out.

Stir the sauce around and serve as you like, oh my.

It’s too hard to calculate the calories because it depends on how much skin/sauce/potatoes you eat, etc…but I personally never gain weight from my own home cooked roast chicken dinners.

I make one about once a week and it feels like it cures what ails ya.

Comfort food at its best, enjoy!


~ Heidi

Psst: Also try my amazing Buffalo Chicken Meatballs.


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Skinny Farro Salad!

skinny farro salad

Yum, this is sooo fresh tasting and delicious. Do you know the grain farro?

It’s delicious, I bought the quick cook kind that takes just 10 minutes to boil.

It has a nutty flavor and great bite, it’s got a good amount of protein and it’s high fiber.

I rinsed it in cold water in a pasta strainer and added a lot of delicious chopped delights to make a beautiful, colorful side dish or a fab, nutritious light lunch all by itself.

This is a great salad item to bring to a party, football game bash or picnic- one very healthy thing amidst the nachos, dips and wings!

My husband loves it, he had it with both lunch and dinner yesterday.

Ingredients: (This makes a huge bowl, I would say at least 10-12 small side dish servings or around 6-7 light lunch servings.)

It will keep covered in the fridge for at least 2-3 days.

1.) One 8.8 ounce bag quick cook farro, I bought my at Trader Joe’s.

2.) One 15 ounce can garbanzo beans, drained.

3.) One cup small tomatoes, I used grape tomatoes.

4.) Half of a medium red onion, chopped.

5.) One 14 ounce can artichoke hearts, drained and coarsely chopped.

I buy the kind in citric acid/salt/water, not oil, but either will work.

6.) Chopped black olives or pitted Greek olives, I used about 14.

7.) The juice of half a lemon.

8.) One cup feta cheese crumbles, I used fat free feta.

9.) Three cups fresh parsley, washed and chopped into small pieces.

You can use two cups if you don’t want as much, I think it adds a great freshness to the mix.

10.) Two small seedless cucumbers chopped, I used Persian cucumbers.

11.) Extra virgin olive oil, I used a half cup.

Note: You can use less oil or do your own dressing, any kind of vinegar/oil based dressing, especially red wine vinegar, or even a light Ceasar would be delish.


Just boil the farro according to the package, mine was done in 10 minutes of boiling.

Drain it in a colander and you can speed up the cooling process by running cold water over it until it cools.

You can also pop it in the fridge or let it cool on your counter, either way.

Finish draining and set aside.

Meanwhile, just wash and chop the veggies and parsley (I left the little tomatoes whole), drain the garbanzo beans and artichokes and measure the feta, etc.

Add the drained farro to a giant bowl when it is completely cooled, I put the farro in first, then the garbanzo beans, then the rest (oil last.)

Just put every other ingredient but the dressing in the giant bowl and mix it all gently together.

I used the biggest bowl I had in my kitchen and it was near full.

Just before serving, squeeze the lemon juice all over it and drizzle on the olive oil or other dressing. Mix gently and enjoy.

Note: Mine didn’t need any additional salt or seasoning except for some pepper and lemon wedges for garnish, optional.

Calories: This is approximate, but mine came to about 380-440 calories per filling light lunch serving.

Or about 220-265 calories for a scrumptious side dish serving.

You can lower the calories with less oil/dressing, but it makes it so luscious and satisfying, it’s worth it.



~ Heidi

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Downhill Daddy

ski game father son

We like to go to play outdoor mini golf as a family and there’s an arcade inside the building with a snack bar.

There’s this cool high tech video game called Alpine Ski or Downhill Racer or Alpine Racer or something ski-ish.

It’s a very exciting stand up game with poles and foot pedals where you can race next to another player, or by yo-self.

You choose your character and you go through flips and crashes and poles to race to the finish against a bunch of other imaginary pro skiers.

My seven year old Bexon always picks the skier avatar with the crazy mohawk. It’s a dude thang.

It’s important to note that heretofore, Bex has never skied in reality, not ever in his young life.

He has also never snowboarded (not yet.) So he has no experience to draw on.

ski game father son

Bex has also only played this ski video game about 3-4 times. But look at how calm he is…now, look how intense his Dad is playing against him.

Seven versus 40’s.

His Dad Nick is also a very good snowboarder.

ski game father son

See how my husband is contorting his body side to side and Bex is barely moving?

Witness my child’s calm face during competition. No visible exertion or effort. Ice, Ice Baby…but wait… Continue reading

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Video Games Back in the Day

heidi ferrer skylanders poster

I was driving my 7 year old boy home with another sweet 7 year old boy from his class for a play date at our house and I mentioned that we didn’t have the advanced, high tech video games they have now when I was a kid.

“What did you have?” the sweet little boy asked from the backseat, genuinely interested.

I paused.

Me: Uh, we had…Pong.

Thinks: *Hmm. I am sorta old.*

Sweet Boy: What’s Pong?

Me: Oh, well it was two…sticks.

And a ball.

On a TV screen…and you just…kinda…well, hit the ball back and forth.

It was the first video game to come out, you would think it was really boring.

Not like what you kids play these days, the Skylander’s and whatnot. Or Minecraft. No zombies! Haha.

*In my mind, going into and Old Lady crouch: And we walked to school for five miles every day in the snow! Uphill!*
Continue reading

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Skinny Chicken Kale Garbanzo Bean Soup!

Skinny chicken kale garbanzo bean soup

This is an easy peasy 5 ingredient soup you can make in 10 minutes.

It’s high fiber, high protein, full of nutrition and will warm the cockles of your heart and tummy.

Way better than opening a can.

Ingredients: (Makes 2 bowls)

1.) Three cups of low sodium chicken broth, use veggie broth if ya wanna make it vegetarian.

2.) One cup of garbanzo beans from a can, drained.

3.) Two cups of chopped or torn kale leaves, I use organic Tuscon kale from a bag, crunchy sticks removed.

4.) One tablespoon of butter or extra virgin olive oil.

5.) One cup of cooked shredded or chopped chicken, or skip to go all veggie.

Optional: A squeeze of lemon and seasonings to your taste like salt and pepper.

I used garlic salt and a few dashes of black pepper and smoked paprika.

Hot sauce or cayenne is always good if ya like a kick.

Psst: You can totally sauté some onions and/or garlic to add to this, I just did the super quick version this time.


Simply sauté the kale leaves in a large non stick pan or a pot on medium to high heat with the butter or olive oil and a splash of the chicken broth for about 3-5 minutes, until soft and tender, but still bright green.

I used the butter and put the lid on to make this go a bit faster.

Add the rest of the broth, the garbanzo beans and the chicken.

Heat up and season with the lemon and garlic salt, etc. to taste and serve!

Calories per bowl: About 300-320.

Hope you enjoy.


~ Heidi

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Funny 7

boy climbing tree

My little boy, age 7, cracks me up every day.

I had a cold recently and Bex said to me:

Him: I hope you give it to somebody else.

Me: That doesn’t seem very nice.

Bex: Well, it may not be nice, but I would recommend it.

Me: I don’t think you know how viruses work. Giving it to someone else is not the only way to get rid of it.

Bex: (furrows his little brow)How do you get rid of it, then?


Bex, looking at his class picture of fellow 7-8 year old boys and girls:

Bex: Wow. People look good in clothes.

As opposed to our nudist colony we live in, here.

My innocent boy has recently discovered that men and women have different body parts. He wanted to know why men have pecs and women have boobs.

At first I thought it was funny and cute, then I thought he was being inappropriate asking about my boobs ahem, a lot, until I talked with another mom friend of a perfectly behaved 8 year old boy and she said:

“Oh, yeah, Joe’s been talking about my boobs for a year. It starts and now and then it just never ends for the rest of their lives.”


So I guess my kid is normal. I’ve told him he can’t sing the Jennifer Lopez “Big Booty” song in school, though.

We have to have some standards, people.

At the same time, he’s still a baby, he has a little stuffed animal that’s a floppy white tiger that he calls Tie-Gee.

And this is where I really messed up… Continue reading

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Skinny Rainbow Salad!

skinny rainbow salad

Somewhere over the rainbow I will always eat this healthy.

Like a goddess flippin’ boss.

I tossed this whole plate together in a big bowl and ate it for lunch with some vegan Ceasar dressing I buy in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods. It’s about 70 calories for two tablespoons, not bad.

Use any dressing ya like, balsamic would be great, too.

I’m going to make a fruit plate like this for a kid’s play date soon, how fun!

Life is better with color.

You can make this beauty with any combo ya like, I used a little:

1.) Chicken and fat free feta cheese on the bottom

Followed by…

2.) purple cabbage

3.) blueberries

4.) Tuscan kale leaves (sticks removed)

5.) arugula

6.) Persian seedless cucumber

7.) pineapple

8.) cantaloupe

9.) raspberries

10.) Update: I almost forgot, a little bit of diced red onion (optional) for sharpness, I sprinkled it right on top of the red/purple cabbage.


Maybe about 400 calories for the whole thing before dressing, I didn’t measure since this is so healthy.

I think I made up for my taco binge Saturday night, don’t you? :-)

Atoning for my sins…



~ Heidi

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