Adventures in Dementia

book cover

Let’s talk about Dementia!

Dementia is really something I would really prefer not to get.

(My spell check tried to change that to “Demetria” and I’m sorry about that, Demetria. Sue spell check.)

I’m not sure why I enjoy reading about Brooke Shields suffering, but I fell into reading her book about her relationship with her complicated mother, Teri Shields, titled “There Was a Little Girl” and her mother’s life ended with years of dementia.

I liked it and I think I was interested partly because I grew up a few years younger than Brooke, who was in movies like “The Blue Lagoon” that I guess I snuck into as a child and in Teen Beat Magazine “dating” all of the famous boys I had crushes on.

Brooke did have that roller skating rink date with dreamy Matt Dillon.

She is also while maybe not the best published writer I’ve ever read, deeply emotional and pours out her soul.

We always want to think people have lives that are easier than ours, but so many times that image turns out to not be true in the least- not for the rich, the famous and the beautiful like Brooke.

(I moved on and read her book about her severe Postpartum Depression, Down Came the Rain, which also proves her emotional bravely- girl has walked through some serious dark times and you just have to respect that.)

Depression is no joke…it is dark effing shit. It can be.

I also learned from her book about Postpartum that I had three of the five factors that make it more likely you’ll get it. That sounds about right. But I didn’t have it to the level she did.

Sometimes something keeps popping up in your life or consciousness and you have to wonder as Oprah once asked, “What am I to learn from this?” Continue reading

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Kindness is the New Black

kindness is the new black

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Love Me

love sign

Seen at my local mall.

I needed that this week.

I believe in signs.


~ H

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Love and Sandwiches

married sext

Because you’ve gotta keep it fresh, baby.

The sandwiches, I mean.


~ h

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What I’m Giving Up for Lent 2015

heart shaped tree

These fluffy looking white flower trees have been blooming around Los Angeles lately, it’s like we get an early spring in the middle of everyone else’s winter.

I think this is an Ornamental Pear Tree, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Doesn’t this one along my favorite walk look almost shaped like a heart?

I love flowering trees, we have pink ones lately, too.

The purple Jacaranda trees come in spring, something dazzling to look forward to as we crawl out of the crappy winter flus and viruses that have been from Satan this year.

I was talking to my mom before last weekend, Valentine’s Day weekend, and saying that I had been doing pretty well on my pre-summer diet for all of about four days, but that Valentine’s Day we were going out to dinner and every year that weekend tends to get my diet derailed.

It’s like a conspiracy with all of the chocolates and the brownies and cupcakes with hearts and pink frosting everywhere and the candy aisles beckoning.

It almost feels like your duty to eat Girl Scout cookies this time a year, ahhh mean!

And don’t even get me started on Mardi Gras indulgences and King Cake.

Balance has been one of the big ongoing struggles of my life.

My mom in Louisiana said oh well, “Why don’t you just wait until after Fat Tuesday and then you can start Lent? You have forty days until Easter.”

I seriously don’t know if I’ve actually ever done Lent right. I’m not Catholic and I always thought it was more of a Catholic thing. (I’m Christian, it turns out it’s both.)

I knew it involved giving up something for the entirety of Lent and I had heard that it had to be something you would miss or it doesn’t really count.

I said to my mom what would I give up? Sugar? (That doesn’t seem possible for me.)

My mom said casually, “Why don’t you give up binging?”

That sounds like a mean thing to say, but it really isn’t to me. I don’t binge in front of my mom, it’s not something that I ever plan to do, for me binging happens sort of accidentally.

It definitely includes comfort food eating, and it often occurs when I’ve had either a really good day (celebrating a holiday, birthday, etc.) or a really bad day and I’m stressed out or sick or hormonal.

Or all of the above.

It doesn’t usually involve me buying a gallon of ice cream for myself and eating the whole thing…although I have bought a bag of Lindt truffles or big frosted bakery cupcakes and ate a lot of them fast in a parking lot.

Wow, this is sort of embarrassing, binging is such a private kind of shame. Continue reading

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And The Day Came Anais Nin Quote

and the day came quote

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Kid’s Valentine’s Poem

kid's valentine's poem

My kiddo Bexon, age 7, penned this original poem for me and his father for Valentine’s Day.

I’m going to transcribe it for you here with spelling corrections, and man is it ever intense. Bex really kicked it up a notch to the next level.

Let me tell you at the outset that his teacher told me today that he was given no direction on what to write, nor did the other kids hear of or write a similar poem.

As he put it, “It came from my own brain.”

Valentine’s Poem

by Bexon, age 7

Tiger tiger tiger in the night

Love spreads up high so bright

Lions hunt in the night

like flying chained mice

with angels flying in

the night sky.

Boom. This kid is keeping it real. Hello, Junior Bukowski.

I really hope he never does drugs, because, flying chained mice?

I’m very proud and a little scared, haha.

Xo ~ H

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