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Squirrel World Domination Plot

I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but the squirrels are coming, and they’re plotting to taking over your house, then the world. I didn’t want to tell you about this. For weeks, I hid my secret shame. Some of … Continue reading

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Send in the Clowns

My 3 year old Bexon is at his 3rd day of preschool right now. I am feeling that slight parental sinking feeling, because when I left him there this morning, he was in a puddle of tears. I know. Sometimes … Continue reading

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The Facebook Effect

I am not an expert on anything but my own limited experience…for LO, these 80 plus years I have been alive on this careening little ball of dirt we call Earth. But there has been a lot of talk about … Continue reading

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First Day of Preschool- NAMASTE!

Bex is at his first day of preschool RIGHT NOW! SHHHH…so far, so good. Namaste, peace be with you, with me, with all of the prana and Universal Energy of Love there is to gather…(Prana, not Prada : ) We … Continue reading

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Turn Around, Bright Eyes

“Waiting for Superman,” a new documentary, is getting a lot of attention, right now. It’s about the dire need to improve America’s school system, and how some kids only have a chance at a quality education by literally winning a … Continue reading

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Desperate- But Not Serious

I am becoming slightly obsessed with YouTube. I think what is going on here is that my three year old, Bexon, is starting Preschool on Monday, AHHHHH!!! And I am trying to find ways not to think about it. YAY … Continue reading

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In Defense of Katy Perry’s Boobs- and Elmo!

Oh, Elmo! Could this possibly be your first foray into a sex scandal? Hee hee… A lot of my family and friends have been going through real problems this week, and it’s Friday, so I am going to be super … Continue reading

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