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Fight or Flight

I’ve been thinking of Scarlett O’Hara Quotes and Gone With the Wind Quotes for the last couple of days. The one I posted yesterday…where shall I go? What shall I do? Has been resonating in my mind. And also from … Continue reading

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…where shall I go? What shall I do?

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Scary Movies

Do you ever feel really scared of something and then force yourself to do it anyway? That’s how I felt about seeing the movies The Black Swan and The Rabbit Hole this week. Why would a mother whose child has … Continue reading

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In This Boat

Is it just me who gets a bit (or a lot) melancholy between Christmas and New Years? It’s pouring BUCKETS of rain in L.A. and we have to fly back to the hospital this week for Bex’s infantile scoliosis, and … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions- Bex

Well, my family has discovered that it is a heck of a lot easier to make New Year’s Resolutions that we don’t intend to keep. That is a load off of our minds, I tell ya! My 3 year old … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions 2010

30 New Year’s Resolutions …That I don’t intend to keep. 1.) Finally break it off with Hugh Hefner. 2.) Stop smoking salvia with Miley. I mean saliva. Stop making saliva. Wait… 3.) No soup for me! 4.) Stop photobombing Chelsea … Continue reading

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Christmas Memories 2010

There is probably nothing more wonderful and plum exhausting as Christmas day with a wildly active three year old boy. Seriously, by the time you clean your house (sort of), panic that it’s not clean enough, shop for appetizers and … Continue reading

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