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Acting Dreamer L.A.- Flashback

“Hope is the last to die.” ~ Old Russian Proverb (Author’s note: I was in my teens and very early 20s in the late 1980’s/early 90’s when all of this took place- fresh from Kansas and New Orleans off the … Continue reading

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40 The Hard Way- 4

Or 40 Things I’ve learned by age 40. This is part 4 in this series and will bring the total to an even 40 (actually 41) but don’t let that fool you…I have a whole heckuva lot of learnin’ to … Continue reading

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You’re Gonna Miss This…Poop?

That’s the title or at least the key lyric of a country song playing on the radio right now. Um, not the poop part but the first four words before the dot dot dot (ellipses)… If there’s one thing seasoned … Continue reading

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Survivor After the Rain

This delicate beauty is shivering in my back yard right now, in a short break between the rains. Somehow I find her triumphant. Love, -Heidi

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New Sweet Treat

I made this one up: A Skinny Cow French Vanilla Truffle bar (100 calories with chocolate drizzle on it, fo shizzle)… I hope everone knows my rap speak is ironic…or just silly…it’s not a black fly in my chardonnay, Alanis … Continue reading

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More Bloomin’ Fun

It just started to rain here but I got a few quick shots of these new fun hair clips first. As I mentioned yesterday, I got these pretty silk/fabric flowers from Claire’s in the mall this week at buy one … Continue reading

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ABC Song For Children- Rock

This is a very amateur 25 second iPhone video of Bex rocking the ABC song on guitar last night on our living room couch. We may have a future front man rock star on our hands. Oy. Love, Bex’s Mommy

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