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Pandamonium- Accidental Panda Porn

Err…how do I put this delicately? My three and a half year old son Bexon was given a lovely gift recently, a delightful book about pandas. It’s called simply “Panda” and is a Dell Young Yearling Special book. Well yes, … Continue reading

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Street Flowers 2

Here are some more pics of flowers and other “found beauty” that I took while walking the streets and sidewalks of L.A. Every time I set out from the house with my camera bag strapped around my shoulder, my husband … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewels Auctioned

The ravishing violet-eyed Hollywood beauty and screen legend Elizabeth Taylor has left her famed jewelry collection, worth an estimated 150 million dollars out of her 1 Billion fortune, to her beloved charities fighting AIDS. Amazing! I am so putting in … Continue reading

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Cat Traps Squirrel in Fluffy Mexican Stand-Off

  Yesterday morning I sat in my office slack jawed in terror as I saw Humphrey Bogart Kitty, our neighbor’s cat who cheats with our family, trapping Nutz my wild yard squirrel in my kitchen. It all happened very fast … Continue reading

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Toxic Waste Gum Recalled For Lead

I am not making this up and this is not funny at all, there is actually a product called “Toxic Waste Short Circuits Bubble Gum” that has been recalled due to elevated levels of lead in the novelty product. My … Continue reading

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Introducing-The Magic Scale!

Recently our both hated and beloved digital scale broke after years of loyal service. My husband has been trying to eat healthier and he set out to purchase a new one so we both wouldn’t explode with too many late … Continue reading

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Spanx for the Memories

Okay. I am a little bit strangely obsessed with the woman who was caught on surveillance video around 3am last July 20th robbing a McDonald’s in Midwest City, Oklahoma, with Spanx on her head. A white Spanx brand body shaping … Continue reading

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