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Wax On Wax Off

Horrifying conversation with my husband just now as I prepare to go have a complete and total stranger rip out my bikini line hair by the roots. Me: I’m nervous about getting my bikini waxed today. Nick: Why? Me: It’s … Continue reading

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Sugar Rush

If you’re a little bit like me you may have had a few extra calories this past holiday weekend, so I’ll get to some new yummy lo-cal snack ideas in a post coming soon. But first, confession time: One of … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2011

God Bless our Troops and our fallen heroes. With deepest love and respect, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ~ Heidi

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Oprah’s Last Show Lessons

I suspect there will soon be a medical condition diagnosed that will be due to Oprah Show Withdrawals. The symptoms will include but not be limited to: The Ugly Cry, drunk dialing Gayle and checking obsessively to see if your … Continue reading

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Blue Nails

This may perhaps be one of those situations where I should be trying to become a grown up before my kid does a little harder. Hmmmm. Do you think there are some trends better left to the young-uns, like blue … Continue reading

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Facial Hair in Women Over Forty

They say women over forty begin to grow unsightly facial hair. Like a woman’s mustache or whiskers on the chin. I don’t believe it. You? Must be an Old Wive’s Tale. I mean, it’s my 41st Birthday today and this … Continue reading

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40 Year Old Non Virgin

My birthday is tomorrow- I’m turning 41. So this morning, I’ve been thinking about this being in your forties business and reflecting on my first year of it. Here are: Ten Things I’ve Loved About Being 40: 1.) I really … Continue reading

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