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Ferret Love

Do you think she’s in the mood? I bought this ferret calendar for fifty cents today at a thrift store and as you can clearly see, it’s already changing my life for the better. Best. Fitty. Cents. Ever. XO- ~ … Continue reading

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Green Goddess Dressing

I mentioned that I was at a restaurant this week where they wouldn’t allow me to have avocado green goddess dressing. This is how it went down. Me: I’d like to order the crab cake salad and instead of the … Continue reading

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10 Signs You’re Not a Grown-Up

1.) You’re wearing underwear from Forever 21 35 that is a hot pink thong, with cheetah print, bows and lace on it. All in the same pair. 2.) You eat “kid food” like chicken nuggets and strips, mini pizzas and … Continue reading

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Children’s Scoliosis Book

I have to make up for all this sassy talk lately by telling you about something that truly makes me happy, from the bottom of my heart. My friends Jenn and Russ, whose adorable son Cole has been courageously fighting … Continue reading

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Animals That Look Like Vaginas

From the sea! It seems Ariel is not the only female down there, ahem. It has come to my attention that I was remiss in posting a plant that looks like a vagina and not sea creatures, our fruits de … Continue reading

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Plants That Look Like Vaginas

Pop Quiz, Hotshot. I love nature but I’m not very good at naming flowers, plants and trees. Does this plant look more like: 1.) A green flower, perhaps from an Alien planet whose creatures are coming to take over our … Continue reading

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Hooker With a Heart of Gold

It has come to my attention recently that I’ve been referred to as “A Hooker With a Heart of Gold.” This may have been by myself, I can’t be certain. Nonetheless, it must be addressed or my security level is … Continue reading

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