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Scruffy Throws Down For Beyonce

Dear Beyonce The Giant Metal Chicken, My name is Scruffy and many say my Scottish brogue sounds like Sean Connery. I would like to throw my hat into the ring for your heart. Do not be confused by my small … Continue reading

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I Love You Beyonce The Giant Metal Chicken

In case you missed it, actor Jim Carrey sent out a public message to actress Emma Stone (“Easy A,” “The Help,” “Crazy, Stupid, Love”) by video recently and it’s all over the Internet. Here is a transcript of Jim Carrey’s … Continue reading

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The Haunted Elevator

These images are taken by my at the hotel we stayed in in San Diego recently. I’m still not sure what to make of the tableau that greeted us in our elevator on the third floor. We got out alive. … Continue reading

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The Lost French Fry Starring Thomas the Train

My boy came up to me to ask for my help, exclaiming “Oh no! The french fry is stuck! Mommy, can you help Thomas?” Did I mention that my American four year old has begun speaking with a British accent? … Continue reading

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Body Acceptance?

I am working on body acceptance. In high school, I weighed 125 pounds. Now I weigh 145 pounds. This is what 30 percent body fat looks like. Every day, I would like to get back to that 125- okay, maybe … Continue reading

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Toys That Scare Me

Now seriously, what is this doll supposed to be? A dead vampire zombie for your little angel to have nightmares about? With a razor bade around her eye? And what is her pet, a dead zombie cat sewn together from … Continue reading

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F*ck It List

A f*ck it list is an “anti-bucket list”- things you don’t care if you ever do in this lifetime. I have to tell you, you have no idea how much I am loving your comments on the post below. This … Continue reading

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