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I’m Definitely Not Pregnant

Thank God.

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We Will Always Have Paris

Just in case I’ve been acting too self righteous lately, here is a picture of my boobs. xxx- hf

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I Heart Joel Stein and Time Magazine

This is who we love forever: Mr. Joel Stein. Joel is a great guy and he did a solid favor for the babies and children of the world with scoliosis, like my son Bex. I just read his awesome column … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. President, Washington and Congress

Hi y’all, my name is Heidi Ferrer and I know you’ve never heard of me. That’s okay, I don’t know most of your names, either. I’m writing you an open letter, because it looks like I might become President, someday. … Continue reading

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My Kid is Not a Germophobe (Unfortunately)

(Warning: This is partially a poo post.) My four year old son is a gorgeous, smart, funny, talented and athletic child- full of charisma and spirit- but unfortunately, he is just not grossed out by germs. Let’s review the recent … Continue reading

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Introducing Saffron Summerville

My baby sister Sierra and her husband Brent welcomed their new baby girl tonight, my niece Saffron Aloma Summerville! (I got their permission to put this first picture up.) I’m so happy for them and for big brothers Jupiter and … Continue reading

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Little Girl’s Clothes: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I think we can all agree that this pink sequined zebra tutu dress for little girls is pretty horrible. See, I’m not completely crazy for all things sparkly. I have limits, people. But I actually think this next pink sweater … Continue reading

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