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Hungry Like the Wolf

My sexy Halloween costume this year. I bought it to scare the children. Suck it, Jacob from Twilight! But when any of the littles in Bexon’s class got scared at their Halloween party this morning, I pulled up the mask … Continue reading

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Halloween Night

Hey y’all, Happy Halloween! If you’re looking for a non-sugary gift for your kiddo(s), grandkids, or nieces and nephews, this is an awesome spooky-but-not-too-scary Halloween book for children. I discovered it in New York last week while staying with my … Continue reading

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Halloween Kid’s Carnival

We spent hours yesterday afternoon at a kid’s Halloween carnival and fundraiser in one of our local parks. There were So. Many. Children. There. Hold me. They had not one but TWO bouncy houses, tons of candy and cupcakes, costumes … Continue reading

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Monkey Wins at Life

Remember when I told you that my precious angel boy was suspended from Pre-K this week? My first instinct was Mama Tiger on Fire. It was to hotfoot it over to the school and give them a piece of my … Continue reading

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Recovering Halloween Ho

Hello, my name is Heidi and I’m a recovering Halloween slutty costume dresser. I’m not proud. Well, I did actually meet my husband dressed as a scantily clad cave woman when I was 22 year old. I was “Pebbles grown … Continue reading

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Ladies’ Man Caption Contest Winner

I should never be allowed to have contests of any kind because I can’t choose a winner. All of the captions were awesome and funny. I can’t be a wimp, though, so I picked this one from Shannon: “Do you … Continue reading

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Tattoo Mommy

I’m thinking about getting a tattoo. On my neck. I’m not kidding. What do you think? Do I need to be talked off the ledge? Padded room with no sharp implements?             It would be … Continue reading

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