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My Apologies for My Clown- Arrgh!

To all the single ladies: Please don’t follow any of Mr. Happyball’s dating tips (see post below). Balls can’t be trusted when he has his gin for breakfast. “Liquid bread” my a**! I’ll post my own (slutty, but nonviolent) dating … Continue reading

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Dating Advice for Women

Hellloooo children and Heidi-ho! Mr. Happyballs the Clown here, guest blogging for my mistress Heidi who had eye surgery this morning. The doctor ripped some flesh off her eyelid in an act of violence that was not unlike having an … Continue reading

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Owl Ornaments

I think I was drawn to crafting these owls because sometimes I’m crazier than a hoot owl, as we like to say in the south. I sewed all of these by hand myself, today. I’m homespun like that. Aren’t they … Continue reading

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Eyelid Surgery- Cyst!

I have to get surgery ON MY EYE tomorrow! This is my eye in the photo and as you can see by the lashline, there is a small thingamahoot on it. It’s probably not cancer, but it may be cancer. … Continue reading

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Cat Antlers

Cat costume done right: This is Zooey, my literary agent Myrsini’s adorable cat in reindeer Christmas antlers. And this is how Zooey feels about pets who can’t rock a cat Christmas costume. They can mistle her toes paws. Step aside, … Continue reading

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Twitter Addiction

I may have a problem with Twitter. It may ruin my life forever. By the way, I’m @GirltoMom, follow me! Here’s one of my recent tweets: “Thought about bleaching my hoo-ha but instead I just decided to give it highlights.” … Continue reading

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Sober Girls Rock the World

For God’s sake, don’t give up drinking if you don’t have a problem with it. It’s fun. Me, I ‘m an overachiever and became a professional, as I do with most things I put my sights on. I made this … Continue reading

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