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The roses in my yard are starting to bloom, Spring is coming!   I so love and feel grateful for nature and the beauty of the world. Happy Saturday! Love, ~ Heidi

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Jail Fail

Okay, I’m really not saying this so I can go do a buttload of illegal drugs. Illegal drugs were never my thing. Pot really didn’t appeal to me and I’ve never tried acid, heroin, magic mushrooms or ecstasy. Or meth, … Continue reading

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Pole Dancing For Kids?!

I’ve been reading about crazy parenting trends and this one is a doozy: There are pole dancing classes being taught to toddlers as young as three years old! It’s happening in England at “Make Me Fabulous,” a studio that teaches … Continue reading

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Orgasm During Childbirth?

I just read about this new fad that women are trying to have the best orgasm of their lives during childbirth. Have you heard about this trend? My first reaction is that A: I’m all for natural childbirth without painkillers … Continue reading

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Witch Gone Wild

Uh oh, Bad Witch seems to be in a  frisky mood…why is she showing off her creamy green shoulders? She looks like she’s ready to party. Wicked, girl, pull down your skirt! Oh crap. I think she’s been drinking again…

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Funny Some E Cards

I wrote these captions…they are tongue in cheek, silly and for grown ups xo- hf

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Funny E Cards

I haven’t gotten into Pinterest yet, but I may have a new obsession: these E cards are fun to make. More to come! Hee… xxx- hf

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