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Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms- Nightmare!

  Oh crap you guys, the Lexapro withdrawal symptoms are really kicking in bad. I cut down the dosage for three weeks, and now I’ve been completely off it for one week. The last three days or so I’ve had … Continue reading

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Red Dress Note

Hey, popping in quickly because we’re driving up to my Mother in Law’s for the day (Linda). I mailed the 3 magic red dresses yesterday, U.S. Priority Mail with delivery confirmation- yay! Ladies, they are in Coach covers (the light … Continue reading

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Rob Delaney’s Stalker

I’m good at stalking, I could be a professional at it. I stalked Joel Stein of Time Magazine and now we have dinner every Tuesday. With Jesus. In my mind. (Joel is Jewish and that’s why he knows Jesus. Kidding, … Continue reading

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The Traveling Red Dress Revolution!

                                                I can’t tell you how much fun I had shopping for beautiful red dresses for incredible, … Continue reading

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New Scoliosis Brace!

My baby in his COOL NEW BRACE! Zebra print with a panda and Thomas the Train on it. He picked it all out himself. We’re off to the airport so see ya back in L.A.! XOXO- ~ Heidi

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Red Dress Email

Hi guys, when you read this email I received this week, I know you will see what I see, an amazing woman with the soul and spirit of a courageous fighter. Her own words put it better than I ever … Continue reading

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I Put a Picture of My Boobs on Twitter

If this blog is the real me (it is) Twitter is my bad girl, raunchy, lying twin. Think Chelsea Handler kinda humor. I just got the joke recently that Twitter is best used for comedy and lies, just because it’s … Continue reading

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