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Bobby Winkmeyer: Toddler Life Coach

My husband Nick wrote and directed this very funny web short (4 minutes long, PG) about a kid who gives no nonsense advice– click here to check it out on YouTube! If you like it, please consider sharing it on … Continue reading

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Setting Achievable Goals

This morning I clicked on a link that was about Jessica Simpson’s plan to lose weight after the birth of her baby. She’s being paid to advertise for Weight Watchers, but the thing I keyed into was that she said … Continue reading

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My Disneyland Birthday

                            I’ve worked for Disney as a screenwriter several times. I’ve had success with Disney (my family movie Princess, available on and DVD), and I’ve been … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day is also my birthday this year, and my family gets to do the All American thing of spending the day at Disneyland. But my heart and soul knows we have that freedom because of our brave, courageous American … Continue reading

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Bexon’s Spine Scare

Yesterday we had a scare with Bexon. Most of you know about his rare form of Progressive Infantile Scoliosis and the Syrinx (fluid filled) Cyst he has in his spine. He is in what’s hopefully his last “all day” brace … Continue reading

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The Mating Habits of Silkworms

Bexon, age 4, got to take home silkworms from his Pre-K class, as a way of learning about nature. I had to bring a shoebox from home, so I brought my box from my wedding shoes, my only pair of … Continue reading

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Baby Fever

I have baby fever and the good news is that at least my husband is benefiting from it. I have sex on the brain. It must be due to my age, I’m 41 and my birthday is this Monday May … Continue reading

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