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Scoliosis Miracle!

                                The above image of my child’s spine suffering from Progressive Infantile Scoliosis at age 19 months is shocking, but I have such amazing, happy … Continue reading

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Sickness, Depression and Hope

I’ve had a brutal virus since last Saturday, the primary torture devices being achy muscles and extreme, soul sucking exhaustion. Jenny Lawson my Bloggess friend has Vital Exhaustion, which sounds similar, at least in the feelings, but VM appears to … Continue reading

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Comment of the Day

              Our comment of the day comes from Jacob Pipkin on my post How to Talk to Women- A Handy Guide for Men. My suggestions were that if say, a woman is rude to … Continue reading

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Love to the Rescue

Almost four years later into Bexon’s scoliosis treatment and he we are in Utah getting my boy measured for a night time only brace! From 10 heavy and difficult, but lifesaving Mehta/EDF plaster casts 24/7 to a light “Boston” style … Continue reading

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Hello Salt Lake City!

Running to the hospital for Bex’s new scoliosis brace appointment. I have a cold and a woman on the plane insisted my sneeze sounds like whooping cough. I doubt it, but you don’t want to feel like me right now! … Continue reading

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How to Talk to Women- A Handy Guide For Men

Men! We love you, you help us open jars, but we still can’t understand how you keep needing to try to “fix” everything. Sometimes we don’t need you to fix it. We don’t even want your advice, unless we ask … Continue reading

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Best Butt Discount

So I walked into a restaurant and this young guy behind the counter took my order and he was all “Girrrrrl, you’re so fine, I’m giving you a discount for being smokin‘!” And when I looked at my receipt, he … Continue reading

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