Boudoir Christmas Pictures

In case you need a last minute holiday present for your man, this is cheap and easy. I didn’t mean I’m cheap and easy. Wait…

Heidi Ferrer Boudoir Christmas















My poor husband isn’t getting any presents from me, so I got him something free: these tongue-in-cheek boudoir Santa photos that are pure cheesy cheesecake. Oh, and I added dumb jokes.

I took the picture myself with my cell phone camera and added the captions on the website I Can Has Cheezburger. Because I’m classy like that.

santa cheesecake















This is the simple flirty caption…

funny christmas pictures















And this is the “I’m not really in the holiday spirit, but I’ll still have sex with you, probably” version. And now that you’re sick of pictures of me wearing a drugstore Santa hat and shame, here are some cats that look like pinup girls!


































Hee hee :-) XOXO- h

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4 Responses to Boudoir Christmas Pictures

  1. stuart says:

    You have lovely eyes , happy christmas to you and your family from a very wet England, no snow just lots and lots of rain

  2. L-Train says:

    You’re beautiful Heidi! I’ve always wanted to do some time of boudoir photo shoot for my husband but have never had the guts. Your photo shoot is more my style :)

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