Juanita Weasal Meme

Juanita weasalI can’t help myself, Juanita has plum captured my imagination.

Juanita weasal meme

juanita weasal meme

Here are three more captions I came up with for The Bloggess’ new friend.

See yesterday’s post below for the first three.

I think I have a problem.

xx- hf

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3 Responses to Juanita Weasal Meme

  1. I’m going to borrow the “stanky package” to teach girls about the importance of absinence! Between you, Jenny and Juanita, you guys may have saved at least one girl from the horrifying discovery of what Juanita is shoutin. Oh dear Lerd, if only I would have had Juanita’s wisdom before learning the hard way. . .


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