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Heidi Ferrer Crooked Love Book

YAY! It’s here! We are celebrating the official launch of my first novel and my first book ev-vah, Crooked Love.

If you’re wondering why Bex is dressed like he’s in Hawaii in December, it’s because I just came from watching his elementary school Winter Concert this morning, and that how the Kindergarteners dressed for it. Don’t ask me why, that’s California for ya. Buncha nuts singing Fiddler on the Roof songs in leis. I’m not kidding, it was adorable.

I’ve been going through so many mixed emotions because I’m a crazy neurotic writer who needs three years to get perspective on anything, but the book looks awesome and it’s ready to order for anyone who wants to read it. I hope that’s not only my Mom, because I pay her to like me.

I think I’ve neglected to say so far that the book actually has a lot of humor in it, it’s not depressing although it’s a medical drama, and it also has a love story. See, it has everything. Except herpes, I can assure you that you won’t catch a venereal disease from this book. Ahem.

AND if you act now, you will be getting a copy of the First Edition, which will probably be worth a lot of money for your grandchildren someday. Because the second edition, if there ever is one, will probably not have the four or more charming typos which give it rustic character. Flaws make something just lovely, something beautiful. I just made that up, but it sounds good, right?

Here is the brief back jacket synopsis, and then I want to tell you why I wrote it as a work of fiction:

“Every parent just wants a healthy baby. Kai Weston recovers from her grief following the sudden death of her mother, begins a new career and falls in love, joyfully discovering she’s pregnant. Her fairy tale world is turned upside down, though, when her baby develops a potentially fatal form of scoliosis. Her husband-to-be, Teddy, abandons them and Kai receives dangerous medical advice from doctors that could destroy her baby’s life and future. Terrified and alone in a frantic race to try to save her child, she discovers a shockingly unconventional medical treatment, finding friendship, hope and new love in the face of fear. But when Teddy reappears and endangers her son, the undertow of her life’s upheaval threatens everything and everyone she loves. Based on the true story of the author’s real life medical journey with her own baby boy.

roseI decided to make the mother character younger than me and also a single mom, based on other women I know who had and were facing this monster of a disease alone, without a husband or a partner.

Our situation was certainly dramatic enough, but I was (and am) simply in awe of women who navigate those dark waters alone.

Making the character “not me,” I was also able to add a love story and subplots and new characters to make it even more dramatic and a more fun, twisty read where the reader won’t know for sure what comes next.

We were still in the middle of Bexon’s 10 body casts when I began to write this story, and I needed a little emotional distance in order to be able to put these words on the page. It was such a painful, terrifying time, but I also knew that if I wrote it down while I still remembered the events and the emotions of the experience, that it would later help other families going through the same thing (or another medical crisis,) to feel less alone.

I also knew that the word desperately needed to be spread about this disease and treatment to help more children. If you haven’t read Bexon’s Story, that’s where it all started.

crooked love book coverThe Kindle and Nook version (the e book) will be out by sometime next week, but the paperback is here on Create Space and also here on

The Kindle version will cost less as I’ve mentioned, probably about $5.99. You can consider 2 dollars of each book a tax charity write off donation, including the Kindle version (that will be going to the charities who saved Bex).

For anyone interested in my publishing experience, I’ll have a future post on that coming soon.

Oh, and by the way- you guys get thanked at the end of the book! Your support means so much to me.

Love ya,

~ Heidi

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11 Responses to Crooked Love Book

  1. Melanie says:

    I will be one of your first Kindle purchasers. Congrats on the book lady! I look forward to reading it.

  2. Nicole Bordelon Bentley says:

    So happy for you ! So excited that this is coming from your heart ! I find it amazing that the trials of our lives can turn into blessings ! Can’t wait to read it !

  3. Deanna says:

    Congratulations!!!! That is so exciting! Can’t wait to buy a copy!!!

  4. Sober_mom says:

    Heidi!!!! This is so freaking exciting!!! I cannot wait to get my copy! :)

    Even though I am a nobody and you don’t know me from jack sparrow other than on here, I am sooo super proud of you and absolutely hope this book flourishes!!! I will spread the word down here! You can bet on it!

    God doing what we can’t do for ourselves is pretty cool, huh?

    Much love! Sober Mom aka Candice Franklin :)

  5. Chelsea says:

    WOHOOO! I bought my book today, but it won’t be here till like the 19th, I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN WAIT THAT LONG!!!!!! And I second Candice’s statement, I am going to tell everyone about how my favorite blogger wrote a book and that they need to buy it ASAP!

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