Providence Brace- Scoliosis

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Hey, I thought I’d share with you the pictures of the new night time only, Providence brace my kiddo Bexon is wearing now for his Progressive Infantile Scoliosis- which is almost cured, whoo hoo!

I don’t think I ever saw what one looked like until we got his and I’m sure there are some other parents out there who’d like to know what to expect:

Providence brace

My cutie getting fitted in the hospital.

If you’re new here, Bex started at a dangerous 63 degrees COBB angle at age 19 months and now at 5 years old is down to just 1.21 degrees in his new brace. This only happened because of first, 10 Mehta/EDF casts and then over a year of bracing in this brace:

Boston Brace Scoliosis

Bex in his Boston brace.

This one was called a Boston Brace or Boston style brace. He wore this one all day and night, about 23 hours a day, for around a year after the casts (this past Summer he got to have some time out of it for day camp, where they did a lot of active sports, and swimming- which is good for core muscle strength and good for scoli kids.)

providence brace images

You might be able to tell that the Providence brace is a little bit longer and bigger, a little bit less light than the Boston one. (The above picture is the back side.) He chose the patterns- first a zebra and then kicky leopard- my boy loves all animals.

providence brace

Above you can see the front of the night brace, with straps to make it tight and give him correction as he sleeps.

It’s Ok that this one is bulkier, because he only wears it while laying down, he can’t sit or walk comfortably in it. Basically, we put it on after he falls asleep and take it off the minute he wakes up. He calls for us and we crack that crab open and free his soft little body- hee.

It’s pretty much a dream to not have him in anything during the day anymore! We are sure NOT complaining and neither is he (he never has, the little angel).

I want to be clear for parents new to Progressive Infantile Scoliosis who may have found this post through a Google search that Bex would NOT have been cured by bracing alone. Read his full story by clicking here for all of the details. You can see the amazing/shocking X-rays there, too.

I’m so proud of my honey and how far he’s come in this journey. I’m one proud and grateful Mama today.


~ Heidi

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2 Responses to Providence Brace- Scoliosis

  1. Jamie Boros says:

    Does Dr. D have an idea of how long he’ll wear the night time only brace? Or are you just seeing how things go at this point?

    We go for our next brace Oct 22nd and I think I’m even more nervous than when we went for cast trips. Oh how I pray his little spine is holding!

    p.s. I love the “crack the crab” analogy. :)

    • Heidi Ferrer says:

      Hi Jamie! I don’t know, I think we’ll get the night time brace checked at about 6 months or longer, we may get an X-ray here in L.A. and see how it’s fitting in 6 months. My guess is maybe a year?

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