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I’m Internet Dating Houses

(Photo credit: My dear friend Renée P. took this in Italy- it’s my last name, but not my house.) I’m online dating houses to move into in Los Angeles with my family. It’s pretty funny, well it would be if there … Continue reading

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Pikachu Oops

The adults in this house used to watch “Chelsea Lately,” a show on which Chelsea Handler would refer to her vagina as “my Pikachu.” She also called it her Hot Pocket, but this is not a post about food. Pokemon … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pi

In case you don’t feel like baking. xo- h

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Cray Words

Fun with modern slang, here are some new silly, but useful words (most of which I made up) that begin with cray for crazy. XOXO ~ Heidi

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Sushi Cat

Psst: If you have a cat, you can dress it up like sushi. I would totally buy this costume if I had any pet or a baby, right now. Well played, Kate, well played. xo- ~ h

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Funny Bunny

My precious small niece and nephew in New York got this adorable flop eared pet bunny. My precious other niece in North Carolina, Saffron, age 3, saw this following photo on her mom’s cell phone and said: “That dog can’t … Continue reading

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It’s Not Even October Yet

I’ve already let my kid buy his first Halloween costume of 2014 and it’s still September. Is there anything cuter than kids in faux muscle costumes? I love Halloween. I tried on a hot pink girl unicorn wig with a … Continue reading

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