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Failure is Success in Progress

I recently went to my YouTube “what to watch” home page and saw this ad (above) on binge eating disorder targeting me. Ahhh! So creepy. It takes you to a video ad for a medication that is being sold, tennis … Continue reading

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Love and Sandwiches

Because you’ve gotta keep it fresh, baby. The sandwiches, I mean. xo- ~ h

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Kid’s Valentine’s Poem

My kiddo Bexon, age 7, penned this original poem for me and his father for Valentine’s Day. I’m going to transcribe it for you here with spelling corrections, and man is it ever intense. Bex really kicked it up a … Continue reading

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I Mustache You a Question

I mustache you a question, but I will shave it for later. Brilliant baby pacifier idea, hipsters. Get me a baby, stat! xo- ~ h

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Nicknames for Parents

Raising children is very hard and it’s not for the weak, but sometimes it’s ridiculously funny. Last night my seven year old Bexon announced to me that he made up a nickname for me. I was scared, but I asked … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Awkward

You may have heard the movie version of the popular book “50 Shades of Grey” is being released in theaters on Valentine’s Day. “Being released” might be an unintentionally suggestive choice of words, sorry. The movie may be good, I … Continue reading

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Book Your Valentine’s Day Reservations Now

Sometimes I flirt via text with my husband, Nick. It’s not exactly sexting, well, we have been together over 22 years and we are married in the eyes of the law, so I guess he can see my boobs, someday. … Continue reading

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