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And Because He Still Makes Me Laugh

Yesterday I wrote about surviving our crazy move last week, and it was only last night as we were sitting down, relaxing in our new living room, that it occurred to me that I had given only two reasons why … Continue reading

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A White Gold and Platinum Lining

We’re moving in two days from a house I love and am saying goodbye to. One thing I’ve loved about living here are the flowers, I enjoy photographing the roses, especially after a dewy night or a rain. The tiny … Continue reading

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Two Clueless Idiots

‘Member when western old timey pictures were all the rage for couples? I can’t blame my husband, I’m sure I dragged him to do this in New Orleans when we were 22 or 23 years old. I blocked out the … Continue reading

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Kansas Girls

Moving sucks monkey balls, seriously, don’t ever do it, but the upside to packing is unearthing endless precious life memories. Like this Throwback Thursday picture of me, my very best childhood friend from Hays, Kansas, Michelle D. with the super … Continue reading

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Unlawful Imprisonment and Steak Knife in My Bed

Moving is hard. Remember the day my husband Nick accidentally locked me out of the house, trapped in our locked in backyard and out of our outside home office, with no keys or cell phone?

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Halloween Jokes For Adults

Hey! I haven’t put up a video in a little while, so here are two silly Halloween jokes for grown-ups. Both have a lil sex humor and the second one has some nun humor in it, so skip that one … Continue reading

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Halloween Mommy Mistake

I’ve been a little distracted lately. I think last year Halloween was on a Thursday, wasn’t it? Or the year before? Let’s just say it was. Don’t Google it. This morning, we got all excited and I got my boy … Continue reading

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