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Jenna Hatfield- The Bridge That Is Any Bridge

Hey. Bexon has been so sick. We spent five hours in the ER yesterday. I’m not ready to write about it yet. Meanwhile… This blog post I’m linking to is breathtaking and you know I don’t do this a lot. … Continue reading

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Funny Kid’s Chicken Joke

My 7 year old boy Bexon told me this funny two part kid’s joke (he heard it from his friend Eli, age 8.) Bex: “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Me: “I don’t know, why?” Bex: “To get to … Continue reading

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Minecraft Dance Off

It’s a boy dance party! My sweet Bexon has recovered from the worst flu he’s ever had and here is the happy proof. In the video above he’s doing an epic dance off in our living room, inspired by the … Continue reading

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Brown Eyed Boy

My brown eyed boy has been very sick for 6 days. (That is the new beauty mark that appeared on the side of his face, by the way…) He was super sick on Easter. I had promised him when he … Continue reading

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Let Your Dreams Take Flight

Happy April! What is going on with me? I feel amazing this morning. We’re on school Spring Break. This picture above is Bex in front of his 2nd grade classes’ art school show project, the kids painted the butterflies with … Continue reading

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Our Family Crest

My 7 year old little boy’s second grade class drew family crests, and this is what my lil’ guy drew. We asked Bexon what each panel represented, you know, in our important family history and lineage. Clockwise from top right, … Continue reading

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Secret Garden Ojai

One of the benefits of getting a little older is that you begin to truly realize that what makes you happy are simple things, things that are real and true, things that are not things. Like the beauty of nature … Continue reading

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