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Ojai Lioness Statue

I’m a little late in giving my Thanksgiving update, but we spent it in Ojai, California, (pronounced Oh-hi) which is about an hour and a half north of Los Angeles by car, with Bexon’s Nana Linda and Opa (German for … Continue reading

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First Day of Second Grade!

Bex is seven years old now, in second grade. If you’ve been with me from the beginning of this blog, you’ve watched him grow up from the age of three. Here he was at age 3 in his green scoliosis … Continue reading

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So When Did You Two Meet Up?

On a family road trip last weekend, my kiddo Bexon, who obviously sees myself and his father as his buddies and contemporaries, casually asked us from his perch in his back booster seat: “So, when did you two meet up?” … Continue reading

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M&M Toes Pedicure

My sister Aloma brought along supplies on our family beach trip to North Carolina to give M&M Toes pedicures to my two precious lil nieces, Saffron and Isadora. How cute it that? The crocheted sandals without soles were hand knitted, … Continue reading

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Blue Man Group

This is my husband Nick on the left, wearing a blue shirt that perfectly matches the blue face of my brother in law, Brent. By the way, Brent, thank you for my first kayak ride in the ocean! It was … Continue reading

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Baby, You’re A Firework

Yes, we are that family. The ones who set off a firework in the middle of the street outside quiet vacation beach rental homes. This is a precious time, when our mother is still alive, when my sister’s kids, Bex’s … Continue reading

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Family Beach Trip 2014

Hey, I’ve been in Sunset Beach, North Carolina for my family’s annual beach trip. A lot of people I love most in the world in one place and crazy kid cousins going wild. Above is my genius baby doll niece … Continue reading

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