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Sad Sick Panda

I know I’ve been MIA the last few days and I’m not quitting blogging, so here’s the update: I got super sick with some evil virus that tried to kill me, but I’m still alive. I was too weak to … Continue reading

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A Three Dog Life Movie!

It’s been officially announced today, so I finally get to talk about it, whee! There has been a lot of excitement in our house, Nick adapted the brilliant memoir written by Abigail Thomas, “A Three Dog Life” as a screenplay, … Continue reading

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My Mother Does Not Need Chemotherapy!

Oh happy day! Hi. Yesterday my Mom, Nancy, who is currently fighting breast cancer for the second time in her life, called me with the news that the results of her tumor test came back: It is not the kind … Continue reading

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Eating My Rooster

This will give you a glimpse into the madness that is being part of my family of origin. I called my Mom yesterday and she said, casually, “I’m eating my rooster.” Almost afraid to ask, I inquired if that was … Continue reading

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YourKidVid- Giveaway!

Hey, this fun, about two minute video of my kiddo, “Bexon Rocks Age 6!” was edited together from a bunch of our short family cell phone videos from the last year… Something we never think to get around to doing … Continue reading

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My Mom’s Breast Cancer Update- Hallelujah!

Today was my Mom’s follow up after her surgery. She had breast cancer 30 years ago, had a mastectomy and reconstruction of the breast, and has had no recurrences in all of those years. Then right before Thanksgiving this year, … Continue reading

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Girl to Mom’s New Comment Policy and Mom Breast Cancer Update

Hey my friends, I want to make it easier for people to comment here on my lil’ corner of cyberspace. Last month, there were a record 446,000 plus page views here on GtoM, so I know you’re out there. I’m … Continue reading

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