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Jellyfish Costume!

The results! My DIY Jellyfish costume for Halloween was a hit, bar none. I wore it trick or treating with family and friends, and I have never in my entire costume whore life gotten so many compliments from people of … Continue reading

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Halloween Jokes For Adults

Hey! I haven’t put up a video in a little while, so here are two silly Halloween jokes for grown-ups. Both have a lil sex humor and the second one has some nun humor in it, so skip that one … Continue reading

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DIY Jellyfish Costume- Part Two

Hey! Halloween is two days away, so I figured I better tell ya what you need to make a DIY (do it yourself) jellyfish costume if anyone else wants to try it. The main thing you’ll need is a clear … Continue reading

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Princess Jellyfish DIY Costume- Part One

I’m already getting excited about Halloween!  Simma down now, Heidi. This year I wanted a costume that was clever and not too expensive, more of a fun gesture than a big hassle or expense. And not too skimpy, I am … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pi

In case you don’t feel like baking. xo- h

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It’s Not Even October Yet

I’ve already let my kid buy his first Halloween costume of 2014 and it’s still September. Is there anything cuter than kids in faux muscle costumes? I love Halloween. I tried on a hot pink girl unicorn wig with a … Continue reading

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FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

My sister Laura said on our recent family vacation that my little sister Sierra and I have always had bad FOMO and that she doesn’t have FOMO. FOMO meaning: Fear Of Missing Out. We laughed because it’s true, it used … Continue reading

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