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I Survived Toddler Tantrums

“Mommy, would you please accept this rose for all of the volcanic, maniac, public, humiliating and stressful toddler tantrums I put you through?” I like to imagine him saying…*sigh.* Hmm, that will probably never happen, but he is cute in … Continue reading

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Father’s Time Lapse Video For Mom

Love love love this- this made me feel so happy. What a great Daddy! XO- H

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Dinosaur Mating Rituals

Hi y’all! Today is my one year anniversary of blogging and launching Girl to Mom- my “Blogiversary.” This, I believe, is my first re-post- in honor of the first year, I’m re-posting my very first post ever, from one year … Continue reading

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Go Girl

Talk about positive energy. I first saw this a long time ago, “Jessica’s Daily Affirmations,” but it is worth watching again. In the beginning she says “I can be a shark”- hee. Love it! xo- hf

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Tutu Princess

I may just become a professional baby and toddler photographer. How adorable is this little Princess Tutu? That hat on her head- I like to think of it as a “facinator” ala the Royals- it’s the baby hat her Mom … Continue reading

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First Year of Preschool

My little monkey made it through his whole first year of school, ever! WHOO HOO! I’m so, so proud! For us, this is actually a really big deal. A monumental milestone, in fact. Especially since we didn’t know if he’d … Continue reading

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Little Partner

My Mommy went to Orange Beach, Alabama and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. And a T-Rex tattoo on my arm. No, it’s a super cute t-shirt, Bex says thank you so much to Jodie and Sissy for the … Continue reading

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