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Boy’s NBA Headband

How many women would kill for those eyelashes? He’s dreamy. *sigh* So I caved. Wouldn’t you with those big brown eyes gazing up at you? Bexon, never leave me! Never leave your Mommy! *sob* Oh, man, his first year of … Continue reading

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First Day of Second Grade!

Bex is seven years old now, in second grade. If you’ve been with me from the beginning of this blog, you’ve watched him grow up from the age of three. Here he was at age 3 in his green scoliosis … Continue reading

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Seven Years Ago Today I Gave Birth To This Guy

…And my heart has been walking outside of my body ever since. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love, Bexon’s Mommy

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Humanitarian Camp

Here’s a picture of my boy Bexon serving lasagna to the homeless in a shelter yesterday. First, the kids made 200 ham sandwiches and filled brown bags with granola bars, apples and napkins. It looked like a little Santa’s elf … Continue reading

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Dear Ms. Heidi

All of the children in Bexon’s first grade class drew me a picture and wrote me a note to thank me for volunteering in computer and art class this year. I didn’t expect this. I cried happy tears, reading each … Continue reading

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Rio Dance Party

Last night, we didn’t go out to “da club,” the club came to us- in the form of a Mommy-son living room, Saturday night dance party. We stayed in and watched the cartoon/animated movie “Rio,” which was really cute. I’m … Continue reading

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Me And My Shadow

Hi. My husband has been out of town this week and I can say that now, because he’s back and I won’t be robbed by people thinking there’s a woman and child alone. I missed him. He shot, directed and … Continue reading

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