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Kansas Girls

Moving sucks monkey balls, seriously, don’t ever do it, but the upside to packing is unearthing endless precious life memories. Like this Throwback Thursday picture of me, my very best childhood friend from Hays, Kansas, Michelle D. with the super … Continue reading

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Literally Everything Else From the 90’s

This faux movie trailer, “Literally Everything Else From Your Childhood: The Movie” by Wil Wheaton shows so many things I remember, even though I was not a child in the 90s. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m a child now. … Continue reading

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Mr. Roger’s Finger Picture

I love Mr. Rogers, he was a staple of my childhood. I’ll love him forever. But I also enjoy a giggle. If you are easily offended by an image of a beloved childhood figure appearing to shoot the middle finger, … Continue reading

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Our Kids Have It Better

I was just thinking about how amazing my own kid’s daily life is. We bought a yearly membership to yet another local museum, we’re also members of the zoo and go on outings every weekend. We also go to museums … Continue reading

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My Best High School Friends

This is me, Mary, Amy, Sissy, Jodie, Michele and Renee on our annual girl’s only beach trip last week. We’ve been friends for *cough* thirty years. Ahhhh! We all went to Covington High together in Covington, Louisiana, which is on … Continue reading

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Farrah Flip Fail

Ahh, the iconic Farrah Fawcett Flip hairstyle of the 1970s. Yep, that’s me above in the blue Izod shirt, before I err…blossomed. I’m still waiting to blossom. *checks watch* *taps foot* *sighs* Has this ever happened to you, when you … Continue reading

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Hang in There Baby Picture

When I was a little girl in Hays, Kansas (and to paraphrase Superman, Kansas is about as American as you’re gonna get), I loved a classic poster of a kitten hanging off of a tree with the caption: Hang in … Continue reading

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