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The Burglars Are Back!

Last night in the early evening hours, I heard a specific loud thrumming over my house and looked up in the dusky sky to see the familiar sight of a police helicopter circling directly over my house. Not just directly … Continue reading

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Cyber-Attacks and Computer Viruses

I haven’t been robbed, yet! Whoo hoo! These “Knock Knock Burglars” have been hitting my neighborhood, and one suspect was photographed around the corner from my house. I was concerned because these guys knock first and then try to break … Continue reading

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Burglaries in Los Angeles!

This is scary you guys, there’s been a lot of burglary in the area of Los Angeles where I live. Someone told us there were nine home break-ins in one day. I was concerned, but thought our house might be … Continue reading

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Shame on These Senators

This week in America we have witnessed great courage and also cowardly acts. As a mother of a young child the same age as the children killed in Newtown, I feel like the Senators who voted against basic background checks … Continue reading

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The Onion is a “C” Word

You probably heard about satirical publication The Onion posting an offensive and vulgar tweet on their Twitter account of 4+ million followers about precious 9-year-old actress and Oscar nominee Quvenzhan√© Wallis that called her the “C” word. As a mother … Continue reading

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Mean Mommy Attack

So the craziest thing happened last Friday, and this story is probably not very flattering to me, but God knows I’ve never pretended to be perfect here. I was in a good mood and headed out my front door to … Continue reading

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Amanda Todd, Cyberbullying and the New Mean Girls

Hi, this post is a meal today, because I’m very affected by this story. I’ve read that some cruel people are still posting horrible things about Amanda Todd on her Facebook tribute pages following her suicide. Things like images of … Continue reading

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