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Ovulation Pain

Mittelschmerz: Pain with ovulation. Hey, so this is something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago, and I want to share it here in case it can help anyone else out there. I went to see a movie … Continue reading

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Girl to Mom Boo!

I love Halloween. I got my Wonder Woman costume in the mail, which is really cool, except the wig is hideous on me. Either I buy a nicer wig or I go as a blonde WW. The wig looks better … Continue reading

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The Burglars Are Back!

Last night in the early evening hours, I heard a specific loud thrumming over my house and looked up in the dusky sky to see the familiar sight of a police helicopter circling directly over my house. Not just directly … Continue reading

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Cory Monteith and My Accidental Overdose

There are times I wish I hadn’t written about my past alcohol abuse publicly. That’s because I’m in balance now, I’m healthy and doing great, so I don’t want people to think I’m having those problems. Bright young actor Cory … Continue reading

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Cyber-Attacks and Computer Viruses

I haven’t been robbed, yet! Whoo hoo! These “Knock Knock Burglars” have been hitting my neighborhood, and one suspect was photographed around the corner from my house. I was concerned because these guys knock first and then try to break … Continue reading

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Burglaries in Los Angeles!

This is scary you guys, there’s been a lot of burglary in the area of Los Angeles where I live. Someone told us there were nine home break-ins in one day. I was concerned, but thought our house might be … Continue reading

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I Almost Got Killed Over Baby Wipes and Splenda

This has been an eventful week. Take, for instance, the simple errand I ran on Wednesday. I needed to get some sensitive skin baby wipes (even though my son isn’t a baby, we still use them for wiping his face … Continue reading

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