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Ways to Stay Sober

Hey! I made this little YouTube video with five tips on staying sober that are helping me in early sobriety. These can also help with losing weight by the way, I’ll explain that in a  minute. I did this on … Continue reading

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Sober Girl Poster

                            Any other sober girls out there, feel free to copy and share. As always, I think drinking is fine for most people, just not for me. … Continue reading

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Inspiring Quotes

                                                        Sometimes the most painful thing is to really be in the world, … Continue reading

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Alcofrolic- Definition and Meaning

                        An Alcofrolic is: A recovering alcoholic who is happy, sober, joyous and free- and fun. They frolic, man. Example: See: me. “Sober” is a good word for the … Continue reading

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Grateful and Energized

I lit these candles last night in my back yard in Los Angeles as a small memorial to Newtown. It made me feel just a tiny bit better, I was so sad yesterday… I have some survivor guilt, that those … Continue reading

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The A Team- Ed Sheeran (Video)

They say all addiction is the same and I think that’s true, particularly for dangerous, life threatening addictions. This beautiful song breaks my heart wide open. In this season of the “Trifecta” of drinking holidays, it’s good for me to … Continue reading

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Are You An Alcoholic?

Hi, I know that the vast majority of my readers here are not alcoholics, and I of course have no problem with drinking for most normal people, but I’ve been getting asked this question a lot lately: “How do you … Continue reading

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