Circle of Moms Contest- Top 25 Funny Moms Results!

Heidi Ferrer Bex Girl to Mom

Hey y’all! Remember that Funny Moms contest Girl to Mom was nominated for? PIA WAS VOTED OFF!!!

Just joshin’….we love us some Pia and we ended up being voted into the top 25 thanks to you- YAHOO!

Here is the new cute official badge and the link to the story they posted on their website today- (you can click on the hyperlink to view the page I’m on):

Circle of Moms Favorite

It includes brief interviews with the Top 25 Funny Moms and the good part- links to 3 of our own favorite funny blog posts.

Of course I had to include Nutz the Squirrel Hijacks Blog and my Katy Perry Elmo Interview. I’m kinda krazee like that, doncha know.

More people around the globe have come to read that Elmo one than I would’ve ever imagined. Seriously. I really do need to pay more attention to the voices in my head- *hee!* (Pssst…there are parts 2 and 3 also if you put it in the search GtoM engine box on the upper right.)

Heidi Ferrer Bex drivingMy third choice was one of my very, very early posts called Driving Miss Lazy, because I feel it’s sort of what being a Mom is really like. Funny and ridiculous, so hard and yet so frickin’ beautiful.

Nothing in life that’s really worth it is ever easy, no?

Love ya and thank you again for your votes and support :-)


~ Heidi

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