Louisiana Country Christmas

Heidi Ferrer Mom

I’m with much of my family on Christmas Eve and we’ve had such a wonderful day. This is me holding a fun Charlie Brown Christmas tree with my own Mama, aka Bexon’s Granny Nancy.

Heidi Ferrer niece

My one year old niece Saffron is the belle of the ball, she’s lively, spirited, almost walking and soooo yummy.

saffron red frosting

Here she is enjoying red frosting from gingerbread houses we made today with all the kids. Yesterday I snapped a pic with chocolate around her mouth and I would’ve gotten her flinging and smearing mashed potatoes if I weren’t so busy stuffing my own face with Louisiana seafood, banana cream pie, jalapeno cornbread and blueberry crumble.

A girl has to have priorities.


Let’s see, we also made a bonfire about 10 feet high in the yard (my stepfather Edmund did the impressive honors) and built a home made smoke bomb to delight the kids (totally safe).

Then we both fried and shucked raw oysters and were knee deep in shrimp and crawfish boils. This a real Louisiana country Christmas, y’all.

raw oysters

I’m proud to say my husband learned to shuck these and this is the handiwork of Nick and my brother in law Brent, father of baby Saffron.

blue christmas tree

Our hotel is comfy and has this blue Christmas tree decorated with lots of real peacock feathers! Check out the detail:

peacock christmas tree

Love it. And there’s also a Mardi Gras Christmas tree with masks as ornaments.

mardi gras christmas tree

Well, I better go to bed, Santa is coming tonight (NORAD has been tracking him) and Bex’s little cousins are gonna be ready for some uber kiddo joy bright and early.

Heidi Ferrer

Merry Christmas from me and my little reindeer!


~ Heidi

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  1. Dana says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family, Heidi. I just lost my mom 11 days ago, and it’s been really, really hard. So please hug your mama extra tight and enjoy every minute with her.

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