Time Marches On

Ring Bearer Boy

This is a photo of my nephew Jupiter when he was the precious little ring bearer in a mini tux at my wedding in 2001. That’s his Mom, my little sister Sierra, changing his diaper right before the ceremony. I think he was two years old.

Heidi Ferrer

And here is Jupiter one and a half years ago when his Mom got married to her awesome husband Brent. I forget the exact date of the wedding, but here he was about 12 years old.

Heidi Ferrer Christmas

And here is Jupiter now at age 13, Christmas 2012, with me and his cousin Bexon, age 5. Baby Jupiter got his braces off, grew up taller and thinned out and and looks like a man! Holy crap I’m getting old.

He has white straight teeth, is a swimmer and he’s super smart. Here his hair’s messy on Christmas morning, but you can see how handsome he is. Ladies? Get in line. I want Gran-chillen.

I have mixed emotions, because he was the first baby I ever held and really got to know and love as an adult. I fed him his first solid food! Hold me. *sniff*


~Aunt Heidi

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4 Responses to Time Marches On

  1. Melanie says:

    Doesn’t time fly? I remember holding my nephew the day he was born. He had this crazy hair on the tips of his ears. He’s 10 now and I have no idea where the time went.


  2. monica says:

    cutie pie! hope you had a great christmas and best wishes for 2013. :D


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