First Photo With New Camera

I took this a week ago, but just learned how to upload it- that mess on my bed includes the box and bag it came in. Oops- I really need to clean that mirror- STAT! Embarrassing.

new camera Heidi Ferrer

See the incredible high resolution in my sprayed toothpaste splatter? Technology is just marvelous dahh-ling!

It’s the actual first pic so I figure I’ll be real. I cleaned my toilet today with bleach, I swear. The mirror I’ll get to in the next few years. Then again, maybe not.

xo- hf

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2 Responses to First Photo With New Camera

  1. Tasha says:

    You make me smile :)
    What kind of camera did you get? I will say I am jealous of a new one. I am hoping to get one this summer…..

  2. Heidi Ferrer says:

    I got a nice one I think but not the fanciest out there- a Nikon D3100 Digital SLR camera. For me it was expensive, but I already think it was worth the investment- the pictures are so much more clear and vivid- my old camera also broke! Just in time :-)

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