Flat Stanley Goes Hollywood

Flat Stanley Sophia Loren

Ahhh…La la land. In high anticipation of the upcoming Oscars this weekend, we here in L.A. are all a-tingle.

Today Flat Stanley went to the heart of the action, Hollywood and Highland mall, the home of The Kodak Theatre where the Academy Awards are currently held. This is what he saw:

1.) Ravishing legendary beauty and actress Sophia Loren (above)…they’re buying a House Boat together…

flat stanley frank sinatra

2.) The Chairman of the Board Himself, Frank Sinatra…much like Stanley, he did it his way…

Oscar Tourists Heidi Ferrer

3.) Oscar tourists taking photos on the stairs leading up to the theater (or theatre, both spellings are correct, my Dad made his life as a theater professor so I know this one)…

flat stanley Kodak Theater

4.) The Kodak Theatre itself: OW! My Eyes! Sorry, it’s hard to keep Stanley and the sign from being blurry…new camera…novice photog here…

flat stanley Hollywood sign

5.) Ditto on Stanley and The Hollywood Sign…interesting historical factoid: It used to read Hollywoodland.

flat stanley oscar bleachers

6.) The famous Oscar bleachers (a bit blurry again.)

Hollywood and Highland

7.) Hollywood and Highland Mall, where stars intersect and the magic happens, BB…

Flat Stanley Mr. T Elvis Chaplin

8.) Charlie Chaplin (The Little Tramp was his famous character), Mr. T and Elvis pose with Stanley, which is appropriate because he’s as silent as Chaplin.

This concludes our L.A. Girl to Mom tour of Los Angeles, Mr. Flat Stanley, you will soon be on your way back to Louisiana via U.S. Mail. We loved having you in Tinseltown and Godspeed, young man!

(Note: The Flat Stanley Project was created to promote children’s literacy. He’s been all around the world and we hope he’s enjoyed his stay in The City of Angels.)

Love, Heidi

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2 Responses to Flat Stanley Goes Hollywood

  1. Kelli says:

    LOVE, Love, love it!!! :) Bella is enjoying her mail. Thanks for participating. I hope it was as much fun for you as it is for her. (ok…and me) :)


  2. Heidi Ferrer says:

    It’s been a blast- thank you Kelli and Bella!!!

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