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Inspiring Quotes

Inspiring Quotes

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Sometimes the most painful thing is to really be in the world, aware of things, to open your heart and allow yourself to care, to feel. It’s no wonder so many people want to numb out on drugs or alcohol or food or shopping or sex. Being vulnerable is scary. Being human is hard.

But I want to be present this year. My only New Year’s resolution is to try to be the best version of myself. To try. I’m beating my demons already, my personal dragons, and they are not the fire breathing monsters they were for me even a few months ago.

They are cowering in the corner with a whimper. They are cowards, the force of love within me is so much stronger. Love is stronger, their former perceived power over me was a lie.

My soul is the thing that’s on fire, now, and that’s pretty f**king cool.


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2 Responses to Inspiring Quotes

  1. weezafish says:

    Very, very VERY cool Heidi. Loving your 2013 attitude, let’s all kick ass this year!

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