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Hey you guys, I’m very excited to tell you that I’m gonna be on a new TV show!

There goes the neighborhood. I don’t know if these nice people know what they’re getting themselves into. Psst: I think I’m gonna be “the crazy bi-polar one.”

Well, we all know I have plethora of stranger-than-fiction life material to talk about and I’m loud and inappropriate. So we have that going for us, which is nice.

The show is called Mommy Bloggers as you can see from the fun temporary logo above- I’m on the left, below the M for Mom above the B for bitch :-) ! *hee*

Don’t those other women look nice and wholesome? I bet none of them have been arrested in the French Quarter, handcuffed and mistaken for a hooker. *sigh*

I’m just kidding, I’m wholesome too, right, right? (Just lie.)

It’s going to be on the Network (, which is “a new online television network designed to provide new and original programming to advance TV’s growing shift to web-based distribution. is owned and operated by Innovation Organization, LLC, a company Gary Kleinman, who is the former Disney Studios Vice President of New Media Technology, founded in 2010 to develop programming and new technology platforms for media distribution.

Kleinman, who was with Disney for 23 years, noted that offers ten channels covering popular genres including comedy, sports, action, drama, reality, kids & family, talk, how-to, science fiction, paranormal, and more.”

The show will be a “The View” meets “Desperate Housewives” kind of talk show. Here is part of a preliminary draft of a press release:

Los Angeles – They’re 6 of the nation’s top bloggers who, typically with twists of humor and wit, entertain moms everywhere with stories and advice about family and motherhood.  They have joined forces to create a new weekly über blog (actually, vlog) in the form of a TV show called, what else?  Mommy Bloggers. The half-hour show will be broadcast on the Network (

first run tv logo

Network logo.

From me:

Basically, this is a new TV channel on the Internet that’s creating original shows that you can watch for free on your computer, smartphone, tablet and web-ready TV sets.

Also, there is this new thing called a Roku streaming box that allows you to watch things from the computer on your regular TV.

They sell at Walmart, etc., for around 50 dollars- I don’t have one yet and I’m not being paid to say any of this, but apparently they’ve already sold like 3 million units, so this is part of the wave of the future in entertainment.

I am sooooo on the cutting edge, ha.

We’ll be shooting the first episode in a few weeks and I’ll (of course) let you know when it’ll air if you’d like to check it out (please). I can tell you I already really like the other ladies on the show, here are their names and their cool, all very different blogs:

Stacy Dymalski:
Amanda Rodriguez:
Jennie Marshall:
Katie Norris:
Susie Johnson:

It should be an adventure and who knows where it will go? I’ll try not to embarrass myself, yeah, right. :-) I apologize in advance for saying f*ck and squirrel balls on national TV.


~ Heidi

P.S. Let’s connect on the updated Girl to Mom Facebook page- I’m posting new little things daily there, so stop by and say hello when you’re browsing your news feed!

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15 Responses to Mommy Bloggers TV Show!

  1. Mom Off Meth says:

    I love it and will look for it. How exciting.

  2. Stephenie says:

    Best of luck to you, it’s scary and exciting at the same time!

  3. Jess says:

    Amanda from parenting by dummies is my main squeeze!

  4. Annie says:

    Congrats, Heidi. How fun is that! Will this put a damper on your Twitter life? Hope not.

    • Heidi Ferrer says:

      Annie, I haven’t scared you away with my Twitter persona? You are tough! Ha. No, it will only take a couple of hours every few weeks to shoot the show for now, I’ll have plenty of time to do all my other stuff. You are so sweet!

  5. monica says:

    awesome! cannot wait to see it. it sounds fun, funny, and like TV worth watching. ;o) huge congrats!

  6. How amazing is that? The promises DO come true ;)

    So super duper proud of you!

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