Random Caffeinated Thoughts

bex dino hoodie

Roar, Yo!

1.) This cute red T-Rex hoodie I got Bex yesterday makes me so happy. $7.99 on sale at Gymboree in the mall.

2.) I’m easily amused. Much like a child.

3.) Happy President’s Day! I don’t want to be the U.S. President. I don’t even desire for my child to someday grow up to be President. But I respect all of the Presidents of these United States.

Seems like a hard job, man.

4.) Our neighbor’s cat Humphrey Bogart is trying to hunt our wild yard squirrel Mafia leader, Nutz.

Humphrey cat hunting

Humphrey hunts squirrels in our yard.


5.) Well behaved children are overrated.

bex hand prints

Muddy kiddo prints.

6.) As long as I have a toddler in the house, I will have handprints of either mud or colored chalk (mixed with water to make paint by said child) on the outer walls of the house and office.

The mud and chalk will wash away but the memories of his childhood will hopefully linger forever.

7.) My little sister Sierra is pregnant and she’s getting married this summer in North Carolina- YAY!

8.) Thus far into this parenting game, I’m getting payback big time for being genetically sensitive, dramatic and emotional by birthing a sensitive, dramatic and emotional child.

Oh, I won’t let him play in the sink for 17 hours running the water over his hands and using up a whole bottle of hand soap, somebody call a WAHHH-ambulance.

I publicly apologize to my Mother. I love you, Mom.

Mom sisters Heidi Ferrer

My Mom, my sisters and me (I'm on the left).

9.) But I did let my munchkin play with his cool robot (WALL-E) battery powered toothbrush and his Tom’s kid’s strawberry toothpaste for like an hour this morning. Like all of the other party animals.

10.) The hardest part about figuring out my new fancy Nikon camera so far has been connecting and fastening the neck strap. I was trying to follow the 1-2-3-4 instructions on the easy set-up pamphlet to attach it and I experienced dizziness, high blood pressure and palpitations.

I felt like such a dumb monkey, but I did manage to take a photo of my closet, which is still stuck in my camera a week later as I haven’t figured out how to upload it to my computer yet.

Who’s the dumb monkey now? Um, yeah.

11.) Oprah’s 25th season is really good.

I didn’t realize how much I really used to watch soap operas until I saw the soap stars re-unite on Oprah this week and felt warmly nostalgic, Luke and Laura and Jesse and Angie, *Sniff!*

12.) Bex also got new shoes, he outgrew his old ones. They light up when he walks, which we both think is pretty rad.

bex new shoes

New Toy Story shoes- Payless.

I’m easily amused, see #1.

Growing is usually especially hopeful for kids in Mehta/EDF casts for scoliosis, the correction happens using natural “growth as a corrective force.”

Way to grow, Bexon! May The Force be with you.

13.) If “well behaved” children are the ones who sit numbly like bumps on logs, blindly follow every rule without questioning authority and never show passion or joy, I worry that they may become passive adults who never accomplish anything.

Just sayin’.

Remind me I said that the next time my kid has a public freak out meltdown, wouldja? I mean, remind me later today.

14.) My kiddo is not always well behaved 100 percent of the time, but he’s my Boo.

I got him a musical Valentine with meerkats on it that plays the classic crooner song “I Only Have Eyes For You” and now he sings it to me.

15.) He’s the handprints on my slowly expanding soul.

bex chalk handprintsLove,

Bexon’s Mama

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2 Responses to Random Caffeinated Thoughts

  1. Tonya Perkins says:

    Heidi what part of North Carolina is her wedding? I hope you enjoy it while you’re here!

  2. Heidi Ferrer says:

    Near Boone- Valle Crucis. Do you know that area? Thanks Tonya, I’m looking forward to spending time with my family!

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