Red Shoe Diary

Red Dorothy Shoes

Remember back at Thanksgiving when I posted a photo of a family friend’s red sparkly shoes? I coveted them and I had to have them.

I don’t think I told you in all the drunken fuss, but I actually tracked them down and bought the last pair they had before I was carted off to the funny farm rehab.

I think they’re magic, my red shoes. I believe in magic, don’t you? Talismans.

Ruby Slippers ImagesTalisman Definition:

The Talisman is an object marked with magic signs and is believed to confer on its bearer supernatural powers or protection.

Virtually every religion in human history has offered as adherents small decorative objects whose purpose is to do anything ranging between healing, protection or success.

I haven’t worn these shoes outside of my house, yet. I’m in no hurry, I just needed to own them. I just needed to know that once in my lifetime, I had ruby slippers on my feet, my big boats I always hated because of their size 10: not feminine, not delicate.

Certainly not the ideal for a foot fetishist or the binding psychos in China!

These shoes are impractical. I run around after a wild four year old little boy, they’ll get ruined, the sequins will fall off and fade. They’re comfy, but certainly not for my everyday life. I don’t even wear heels much anymore.

Dorothy's Red Shoes

The originals.

But when I was a young teen I worked in Joe’s Shoe Store in Covington, Louisiana, and they had a pair of sparkly red shoes that I would hold and dream about.

One day I would have red shoes like that, I promised myself, Dorothy shoes, one day I would be special enough to wear magic shoes on my banana boats that would possess some sort of magic that would see me through evil witches and flying monkeys and being drugged in a meadow and being lied to and deceived by a man whose not what he seems…

“The Great and Mighty Oz” is my spirit and my connection with my God, who tells me that we will all always be safe in the end.

If we’re not safe, it’s not the end, yet.

Dorothy Red Shoes Images

My magic red shoes will always lead me safely home.

Click your heels three times: There’s no place like home.


~ Heidi

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13 Responses to Red Shoe Diary

  1. Mayor Gia says:

    LOVE the shoes! All women should have a pair. Or at least, me. :P

  2. Grammy says:

    Ya know what those shoes would go perfectly with? Jenni’s traveling red dress….Both magical. Both perfect for you…

  3. Jo says:

    I have size 10 feet. I’m also really tall, so I’ve never once worn high heels. I’ve promised myself that someday I will own and wear a gorgeous pair of stiletto heels. It’s a dream I intend to fulfill.

    Find a place to wear those shoes, Heidi. Don’t let them just sit. You’ll RAWK them!!!

    • Heidi Ferrer says:


      I think you should go out and get a pair of heels that you love- expensive or bargain, either way- maybe something with crystals on them? MY POINT IS DON’T WAIT!Take yourself out to dinner and wear them. If you want to go crazy, look at eBay! Just for fun :-) My wedding shoes were Jimmy Choos $800.00. It was a moment in time. I gave them to my pregnant little sister after wearing them twice and she wore them for her wedding! I can’t afford that now, but no regrets.

  4. weezafish says:

    Ah, sparkly shoes. I was 24, overweight and didn’t feel very pretty most days. Then I saw these shoes in a department store window. Pink, sequinned, kitten heel, slingbacks. I knew those shoes had the power to make me feel special and I wanted them bad, but they were very expensive. I walked on.
    I saw them again a week or so later, they were in the sale!! STILL too expensive, I walked on again.
    Another week, and they’re still in the window – why has nobody else bought them?? A further reduction in the price and NOW I can afford them. I dash in, they have a pair left in my size, I end up wearing them home.
    Those shoes, believe it or not, ended up changing my life. They changed the way I felt about myself and subsequently I lost weight, met my hubby and I wore those shoes, and felt special every time, until all the pink sequins fell off and one of the straps broke.
    If I ever see another similar pair, I would buy them instantly – no matter the cost.
    Sparkly shoes have special powers, and every girl should own a pair :)

  5. Candice G says:

    These shoes make me happY!!!!!!!!!

    And NOW, I am on a mission to find a pair!


  6. Jenna says:

    Totally agreeing these shoes would rock with a red dress, and you totally deserve one of the traveling red dresses xx

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