The Mona Lisa Relaxes But I’m Koo Koo

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Hey you guys! I wish I could relax like the Mona Lisa in this picture. I’m waiting for the mailman (woman) to bring my first paperback copy of my novel Crooked Love today and I’m about to hunt her down Hunger Games style with a bow and arrow if she doesn’t get here soon.

Don’t use that as evidence in a court of law, please. However, I think this blog works nicely to support an insanity plea, don’t you?

Can I just tell you that the holiday season is especially hard for sober alcoholics like me because I keep dreaming of rum being poured over a holiday dessert or something like a highly flammable bundt cake, or dipping brownies in brandy by the fire. I can’t have that or I go looney. Let’s stop talking about it, Heidi, ‘kay? Simmer.

BIG NEWS: My book is actually already available for sale in two places, if you click here on Create Space and also here on – you can buy it today or wait until I see it in my hand and scream so loud that the ozone layer cracks.

Ok, the truth is that I accidentally approved the draft for sale by clicking a button that I thought was gonna just take me through the Kindle set up and so I (spastically) approved the proof for sale before I err, saw the book.

I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be fine and ready to go, though, but I’ll update as soon as I get it! Now you’re getting a glimpse into the crazy.

Christmas presents! Stocking Stuffers! Plus you will be giving to charity, two dollars of each book is a tax write off!

The Kindle version is gonna take a little longer, but the e book will be less expensive. If you have no preference, I prefer if you buy it through the Create Space link- Amazon takes a pretty big portion of the sale, as I’m sure they deserve, but that is why the paperback version is $14.99- Amazon takes almost 11 of that for publishing costs and royalties, and 2 go to the charities who saved Bex and I will keep about 2 for my work, I want you to know I’m not price gouging y’all!

If you prefer to shop through Amazon because of free shipping, etc., believe me, I totally get it and I am thrilled if you get the book in any way.

I think the e book will cost only $5.99 and it will soon be on Kindle and also the Nook through Barnes & Noble. By the way, anybody can download the Kindle app on their computer for free and buy e books through Amazon that way. So you don’t have to buy a Kindle.

I’m signing up for the “Look Inside the Book” feature on the Amazon website and also I will be publishing a free chapter here on the blog for you to check out later this week.

Crooked Love book coverBOOK CLUBS: If you are in a book club or know friends who are, I will probably name my second born child after you if you choose to read and discuss my book. Let me know if I can do anything for you, an interview, Q and A, anything at all.

Psst: I’m so new at this- apparently I need some short (hopefully positive) reader reviews posted on the Amazon page, I’m told that it’s important to have reviews for people to find it on searches.

Any of my friends and readers who would be willing to write a short review and post it there, I will love you forever. Please let me know if I can give your blog a shout out here or return the favor! Also…

Fellow Bloggers: Basically, I am my own one woman publicity/marketing team with no budget, so if I can send any of you fabulous bloggers out there an email press release, do an interview, etc., please let me know and I will hook you up. I will also write you a guest post if ya like! I will gladly link back to your post here on G to M. Email me at

I promise these are all holiday do-gooding deeds that will bring you good karma, because the little known treatment that save my baby’s life and spine needs to be shouted about far and wide from the rooftops to save other babies and kids with scoliosis like my boy. The spreading of the message and information is vital for these kids around the globe. It’s the most difficult orthopedic condition to treat in human history.

Kids are falling through the cracks every day and this is important work. And I hope the book entertains you as well! That’s the plan, man. It’s a really good read, I promise.

Who could be against saving babies? Amen.

And thank you!


~ Heidi

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7 Responses to The Mona Lisa Relaxes But I’m Koo Koo

  1. Eri says:

    I plan on buying it on the kindle with my annual xmas gift card. I can’t wait!

  2. I can’t wait till its on Kindle store. I think this will be a great book from our up coming road trip to the doctors.

    How long did it take you to write this book?

    • Heidi Ferrer says:

      Hi Monica, thank you! I think it should be up on the Kindle store by sometime next week. Oh gosh, I’m trying to think of how long it took to write…I would say I didn’t start writing it in the first year of Bex’s casting, probably in the second year sometime. Bex got stuck in the middle of casting for a full year and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to begin it then, until we saw some more improvement…Heather gave me her notes last July. I would guess it took about 6 months to a year and then I made edits and changes up until a few weeks ago with the doctor’s medical notes for accuracy.

  3. Becky B says:

    Now you’ve got me wishing I was a little more (or even a little) famous so I could promote the bajeezus out of your book. And I haven’t even read it yet! :) I’ll do what I can. The before and after shots of your little miracle are beyond amazing, and every kid should have a shot at something like that. Kudos to you for getting the word out.

  4. Deedo says:

    I am psyched to buy the paperback (I do my reading old-school) and although I don’t have a book club, I certainly have girl friends…who need presents…

    And I promise to leave some feedbook on Amazon after I’ve read it and can sound intelligent (and like I read it).

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