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garlic chicken spring rolls

My friend Brigid was over visiting on Friday night and I was so exhausted from having travelled last week that I couldn’t even dream of cooking or preparing any homemade foodstuffs to serve her.

Heidi FerrerNot that I’m a big cook most of the time, I mean I can cook pretty well and rumor has it I can even bake if I try, but much more often than not I’m too flippin’ lazy.

There’s the planning, the list making, the shopping, the preparation, the clean-up…it takes hours if not all day, and last Friday night I just didn’t have it in me.

My friend Brigid asked for nothing, just to see us and Bex, and she begged, actually she insisted I not clean the house for her. I not only didn’t clean my house, I aggressively didn’t clean before she came over.

It was a toy apocalypse in my living room, dude.

I just tooled my heinie over to Target and picked up a few easy diet snacks to put out that I knew I liked. I mean, who wants to eat an accidental diet disaster of 2,500 calories from a Pu Pu Platter?

Lean Cuisine Spring rolls

At the end of the lovely evening of chatting and hanging out, my friend said that she enjoyed the company and the food, and she enjoyed it even more because she felt zero guilt about eating any of it.

red cape eye rollShe said my (probably annoying klassy) habit of telling her exactly how many calories were in each food served allowed her to relax and not even think about weight gain.

I did the math so she didn’t have to. And she could diet snack like a skinny girl without giving it a second thought.

Volia! Hence today’s post and many more to come will be in this category, because I love food and I’m always finding some new snack I’m excited about. I’m the lo-cal appetizer queen, for reals.

It’ll start with what I served Friday night.

Note: this is of course not as elegant as making something from scratch, but your girlfriends may appreciate the fact that you did all of the counting for them and they can just relax and snack away to their heart’s content. Without their booty exploding the next day. Hate when that happens.

I wouldn’t perhaps be so open if I were preparing more “sophisticated” food for fancy company, dahhhh-ling, but you can get real and git jiggy not jiggly with your girls or close guy or couple friends, yo.

I love these appetizers:

1.) Lean Cuisine Garlic Chicken Spring Rolls

lean cuisine spring rolls2.) Lean Cuisine Thai-Style Chicken Spring Rolls

3.) Lean Cuisine Fajita-Style Chicken Spring Rolls

Each box comes with 2 servings, 200 calories per serving, which is 3 pretty large spring rolls. If you have say, three people, you can microwave one serving of 3 in the crisper it comes with, and you each get one.

Doing the math, one is only about 70 calories each and is yummy and has a good amount of protein and no trans fats (that’s the really bad kind).

I served three at a time and we tried all 3 flavors- fun! The Thai ones have a spicy kick and a red coconut curry in them, those and the garlic ones with a little spinach in them are my personal favorites.

guacThey don’t really need a dip, but you could put out salsa and light sour cream and guacamole with the Mexican inspired ones. Salsa adds almost no calories, light sour cream very little, and you can serve individual packets of Wholly Guacamole to each guest so they can eat guac guilt free!

Each packet contains 100 calories and is full of fiber, potassium, and that heart healthy fat we all need that fights cholesterol.

You may also want to put out some low calorie chips for dipping, if you give everyone their own small bowl you can portion it out to keep the theme of fun portion control eating going. We had Veggie Chips from Trader Joes, which are yummy and light.

stacys pita 6 packI also like Stacy’s Pita Chips. They come in a six pack.

The last dip I put out was the traditional hot spinach cheese and artichoke dip from TGI Fridays.

spinach dipThey sell it under their own TGIF brand name at Target in the freezer section. The whole package cooks in the microwave in about 3 to 4 minutes, stirring once, and it has 8 servings in a box, 30 calories per serving.

To me, if I have 3 people, that means we can each have a third of the whole container, which feels pretty indulgent, for only 80 calories! That’s 240 for the whole package, divided by 3. And there is a lot of spinach in there, at least you’re getting a vegetable (kinda).

If you want a fun dessert, I just discovered they sell mini vanilla cupcakes at Target that are 100 calories each- the traditional kind with lots of frosting and little sprinkles on top.

mini cupcake imageI personally wouldn’t want a whole box in my house tempting me on a daily basis, but it’s a fun way to top off the drinks and snacks evening.

Whether you’re having coffee, a skinny virgin something (I like Ocean Spray Diet blueberry pomegranate juice at 5 calories a serving, you can add sparkling water or a kick of vodka or both if you like) or wine, tea, etc…

And a vanilla vanilla cupcake just hits the spot sometimes, no? I may be regressing back into my girly girl childhood, but I’ll get by with a little help from my snacking friends.



~ Heidi

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3 Responses to Skinny Girl Snacks

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  2. Julie Muir says:

    Hello Heidi! I have to say that I tried the LC Garlic Chicken spring rolls and I am hooked. Delish. Eat them with a green salad for lunch and my tummy is totally happy. Great tip! Have the Thai ones in the freezer, ready to try.

    My tip for YOU? Please try the Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Rasperry Bars in the frozen/ice cream section. 80 calories each. Amazingly wonderful and satisfying. I know – Weight Watchers, right? Have never purchased their food before, but a woman in my grocery store aisle was buying two boxes, so I had to ask. She spoke so glowingly of them, I had to try. And she was right. They come 12 to a box, and I have to say that after a long day when I just want chocolate, one of these babies totally does it for me. I’m usually not one to let fruit get in the way of my chocolate, but these were a revelation.
    Will we see you and your handsome men next weekend at Reunion? Hope so!
    Be well!
    Julie Muir

  3. Heidi Ferrer says:

    Hi Julie! I have had those Weight Watchers bars, they are yummy. Good one! I don’t know if we’ll make it to reunions, but maybe we’ll pull it out in the homestretch. If not we will miss all of you and want to see pictures!


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