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Basically, I write about food on my main blog right now, but there is a lot more to come…

Because Girl to Mom Eats- A LOT! Remember when we were little girls and we never had to think about a thing we put into our bodies, because we never gained an ounce? Me neither!

Girl to Mom is a HEARTY eater, tries to eat healthy and and organic when possible and LOVES TO TALK ABOUT FOOD! FOOD PORN!!! Just tell me what you had today. Mmmmm….donuts.

I have eaten chocolate and cheese pretty much every single day of my life, since the flaky and buttery crust of the Earth cooled. Have you tried these ice cream bon bons with a chocolate cookie crust?

ice cream bon bonsIt is really more like a brownie crust to me. I buy then at Trader Joes, and they are only 60 calories each! I never eat less than 2, but 120 calories is not bad.

I am desperately seeking guilt free, luscious snacks that simultaneously burn fat and turn back the hands of time. My gorgeous sister Laura, high powered SuperMommy of two adorable toddlers, promises she’s going to invent them for me.

My sister works pretty high up at Self Magazine, one of the few women’s magazines whose sole aim is not to undercut your self esteem. Get on it in all that spare time you’ve got, what with being a working Mama with a LATE second shift at home in Brooklyn- time is a wastin’ Laura!

Ahhh…food is magic and food is medicine. I do not want to be a Skinny Bitch, though, life it too long to be hungry and mean. I strive to be happy and grateful for every morsel- not that I always achieve it. Perfection is unlikely, but progress IS possible!

As Warren Zevon said about life when he knew he was dying, “Just enjoy every sandwich”.

Words to live by. Amen.

8 Responses to GtoM Eats!

  1. sara says:

    wish I had found your blog years ago. To Life!


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  3. Oh my gosh. Did you say Cinnabon creamer?? I don’t know where I’ve been but this just made my day. In fact, I just drove by a Cinnabon on the way home and I was crying myself down the highway because I couldn’t stop and get one . I used to get them weekly with of course extra icing on the side. I’m totally going to try this. Thanks for the tip!! I don’t have a Trader Joe’s where I live which really stinks because everyone is always talking about it. They won’t let you order online. Boo. But I will be going to get this Cinnabon creamer immediately! Looking forward to reading more!!

    • Heidi Ferrer says:

      300 pounds down? I bow to you! Cinnabon creamer sells at the regular grocery store, the brand is International Delight. Sooo good. 35 calories a tablespoon, I think.

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  6. Candice G says:

    Yo where ya at lady?? You are like 4 days behind!!! ;)

  7. james says:

    OMG i luv delish sweets 2! we should get 2geter sumtime and eat delish sweets sumtime

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