Christmas Foods


Christmas Cheese Tray

Y’all know I probably won’t make any of these fun holiday foods, but I would eat them.

So you’ll make ‘em for me, right?

This Christmas Tree cheese tray looks do-able. That green stuff looks like fresh herbs, probably rosemary.

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t consume some manner of cheese.

I’m planning to eat all of the treats and still lose weight. So far, it’s working. I lost another pound this week.

I’ve lost about 16 pounds, Thanksgiving dinner set me back a week or so, but I’m back on track, baby!

Christmas tree brownie


















Now you can hate me for showing yummy desserts, ha. We can have this brownie, it’s all about portion control. This doesn’t look that hard to make either, so cute.

Christmas veggie tree

A cruciferous veggie tree will save your life.




















If you want to bring something healthy to the party, this would be awesome with ranch dip and/or hummus on the side.

christmas strawberry



















Well, it is fruit!

christmas cheese ball

















I’m not sure what kind of cheese this holiday snowman cheese ball is made of, looks likeĀ  a cream cheese base. Cream cheese mixed with garlic salt or blue cheese would be pretty good, or some kind of pre-flavored cream cheese. Hmmmm…creative.

reindeer treats














These are precious for kids, marshmallows dipped in chocolate on pops with pretzel antlers.

christmas cupcake

















The next few pictures are just gonna be a sugar festival. Frosting is my favorite food group.

christmas tree cupcake
















This Christmas tree cupcake is almost too pretty to eat. But wait for this one…

christmas cupcake

A Charlie Brown Christmas cupcake.













I put this on the Girl to Mom Facebook page, but in case you missed it…amazing! A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree cupcake! A work of art.

santa hat strawberry

I’m just happy this year. I’m grateful to be alive and healthy and have a thriving little boy with two missing front toofs.

We’re going to New Orleans for the holidays so Bex can be with many of his cousins on Christmas morning and I can see my Mama and my sisters.

I’m worried about not getting everything done in this busy holiday season just like everybody else, but ya know what? It’ll all get done.


It always does. And whatever doesn’t get done, it’ll be just fine.

christmas coffee









While you’re worrying about presents for everybody else, or travel, or family, or work stresses…take time to relax…

holiday coffeeAnd refill your own cup.


~ Heidi

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6 Responses to Christmas Foods

  1. Melanie says:

    I don’t eat any differently during the holidays than I do any other time of year. I do adore cute holiday treats though. I look at them. My cousin’s wife made an adorable turkey out of fruit for Thanksgiving. I love that kind of thing.

  2. Mayor Gia says:

    Oh wow that looks soooooo delicious! I want it all!

  3. Sober_mom says:

    Thanks for the good ideas! I will be making those reindeer pops for Hudson’s class now :)

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