Country Strong- GtoM Review

Country Strong soundtrack

You know how sometimes you know you’re watching a somewhat cheesy movie but it is exactly the right kinda cheese for you, so you smile the whole time? That’s how I felt watching the movie Country Strong starring Gwyneth Paltrow yesterday.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the film and plan to, my list that follows will have plot info and even what happens at the end of the movie, so skip this post and go read about my latest shopping debacle from yesterday. It’s fairly humiliating.

5 Things about the Movie Country Strong:

1.) I don’t really get crushes on movie stars or rock stars anymore, I’ve met  a lot of famous people while living here in L.A. and you know usually, whateva, but this young actor who I’d never seen before, Garrett Hedlund is CU-UTE, girl!

Garrett Hedlund imageHis character is having an affair with Gwyneth’s hot mess character in the movie even though she’s married to Tim McGraw’s character, who’s both her husband and her manager.

Don’t expect me to remember any of the character’s movie names, this is not a real review by someone with a stick up her butt who’s competing to sound the most eruditely vicious so I can keep my job reviewing for that Old Gray Lady Gentleman  The New Yorker.

This is just lil’ ole me and I’m Country Strong! Yee- HAW!

It’s my blog and I can yee-haw if I want to. That’s the nice thing about having your own blog. It cuts through and clarifies your right to yee-haw.

Garrett Hedlund images

Garrett Hedlund

Trust me, Garrett Hedlund is enough of a reason to go see this movie alone. He’s wicked charismatic, his facial hair is so cute, he has great eyes you could melt into and he’s a really talented actor AND singer.


He rose above the cheesy parts, he was good the whole way through. I felt like it was similar to seeing Brad Pitt for the first time in Thelma and Louise. He’s a breakout star, I think.

Could I be saying this because my husband is out of town in NYC on a business trip? Oops. Out of sight, out of mind… (Just kidding, honey.)

He’s coming back today, my huzzband I mean- Garrett, don’t come over, hon. We’ll always have Nashville, or at least the organic nonfat vanilla café au lait I shared without you in my Century City Mall movie theater complex seat.

2.) The music is really good in CS. I love country music and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

3.) There is a scene between Gwyneth Paltrow’s character and a precious little boy who she goes to visit during her self destructive downward spiral (addiction and grief over the loss of a five month old baby she was carrying when she fell off the stage wasted. Tim McGraw’s character was the father of the baby. Horrible.)

Country Strong images

The scene with the boy.

In the scene in mention, she goes to visit a Make A Wish Foundation child who has leukemia and you can see all of her true potential in her eyes and in the little boy’s sweet face:

That she’s actually still a really a talented songwriter.

That her heart swells with love in the presence of a child.

That when she lets her light shine, it’s glows so bright it could make the day if not the whole life of this little boy.

Country Strong picture

Gwyneth and Tim McGraw

That she and Tim McGraw’s character were once truly in love.

I loved this scene and it was worth the price of admission, to me. I was so happy yesterday and dang it if they didn’t almost make me cry. Good thing I bought that new waterproof eyeliner.

4.) One line in the movie is the best response to someone saying “bullshit” ever:


Response: Bull- True!

Love it.

5.) This really happened: I hadn’t had to use the ladies’ room for the whole movie and finally towards the end my coffee made me have to pee. So I’m doing the internal debate, not wanting to miss the good parts of the film. The 3 young girls sitting next to me all have taken turns going.

Country Strong

Big comeback performance.

Finally there is the big concert scene where Gwyneth croons her heart out. Big applause, that’s how it’s done, etc. She’s back! She’s strong! She’s shaken that thang!

So I think this might be the big “up” ending. But then some scene changing music starts to play and I figure there’s a plot transition before the end and I have time to quickly go pee.

I go and come back and suddenly notice there is a voiceover playing of someone who sounds like they died and left a note to the young cute guy.

She DIES at the end! And I was in the bathroom and I missed it. That is such a Heidi move.

I had to wait for the credits to roll to lean over and awkwardly ask one of three young girls next to me what the frick happened? One girl told me Gwyneth’s character overdosed on pills.

I think this may be partially why all critics aren’t loving it? The lyrics to the song Country Strong are all about being resilient and bouncing back from hardship. It doesn’t fit her dying, in my humble opinion. Great song, though.

I know, that it’s real, that happens, especially when people are depressed and have a bottle of pills in their hand, but it left me and the three 20 year old girls next to me…nonplussed.

I just want to say for the record that I enjoyed the movie and I am also glad I was in the bathroom when she died. I always knew there would be an upside to having a small bladder. It was meant to happen that way.

Country Strong Gwyneth Paltrow

Crush it, girl.

I’m just gonna pretend it didn’t happen at all. She’s singing on strong, girl, in my huckleberry mind.

Since I lost my Dad, I don’t think suicide is romantic at all and I just won’t believe it.

So I give Country Strong a thumbs up, go see it, buy the soundtrack, but maybe you want to use the restroom at the end.



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3 Responses to Country Strong- GtoM Review

  1. Your husband says:

    Glad I just left town for one night…stopping by this Garrett guy’s house on the way home to have a little chat!

  2. Heidi Ferrer says:

    Don’t hurt him, honey! *hee*

  3. sierra frerer says:

    I saw it bought the soundtrack too!

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