Five Things I’m Loving

Lily Heidi Ferrer

Five things I’m excited about today…

1.) I feel fabulous for the third day in a row- I kicked the flu’s a** baby! Suck it, flu!

2.) Mama went down one full notch on her belt yesterday for the first time since Christmas. Whoo hoo!

The confusing part is…last week when I was sick I ate half of a Papa John’s large pizza in one sitting, dipped in their garlic buttery sauce.

(My order is thin crust, extra marinara sauce.) I’m not very proud to say that I even ate the pieces my son didn’t finish. It was a massacre, I shoveled it in.

Avoid the NoidMaybe I was the Noid, remember “Avoid the Noid?”

What in the Sam Heck was that commercial for? Oh, Dominos, I love that kind too, same order, except I dip the Domino’s pizza into ranch or blue cheese dressing. Yum.

Did I ever tell you that my first boyfriend in California when I was 18 years old was named Tony and he worked at Dominos? I got free pizza. For um, nookie. And love.

I met him when we both attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He married the blonde actress who stars in “Meet the Parents” and “Meet the Fockers” – Teri Polo…

Teri Polo

Teri Polo

I met Teri once with Tony at a Halloween party thrown by the guys who created South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. She was really nice. I was dressed as Cameron Diaz from the movie “There’s Something About Mary” with a wig with sticky stuff in my hair, shooting my bangs straight up North. Classy.

Sadly, I found out they split up when Nick and I were in London on business, I randomly saw Tony’s picture in a magazine I bought at a street kiosk. Crazy life.

But I digress- back to my belt notch excitement and hope for humanity and dieters at large. I also ate fried chicken strips dipped in sauce three days in a row last week. With fries.

And a double double and fries from In n’ Out burger. Wow, this list is starting to get rather embarrassing.

I thought I was dying and I was having all of my favorite foods, ignoring the calories and shaming the devil.

I do have a point somewhere in here, I had the flu that the father of Miley Cyrus sings about, the achy breaky flu, not the “toss your cookies” kind- so it all stayed…yeah. In. It all stayed in me belly.

I also couldn’t work out all week. Nada. It’s totally confusing and not logical at all that I lost weight at this particular juncture, a lot like the numbers on TV’s Lost with a side of smoke monster, but I swear. It’s real. It happened.

Random Conspiracy Theory: Maybe a virus burns calories because your body’s working so hard to fight it off?

I’m going with that for the win, Alex. I won’t let a little thing like medical logic get in the way of my hard won, dimly lit opinions.

3.) Nikon D3100I love my new camera that I took the above picture of a lily with this morning in my back yard. Flowers rock and they don’t jump up and down as much as my son when I’m trying to shoot a pic of him.

What I’m learning about photography (ve-ry slow-ly) is it’s helping me to see more beauty in the world, to look for it, to seek it out…

If the cost of my camera gives me years of seeing more beauty in daily life and in the little things, it was a bargain beyond all bargains, dude.

Not that I’m a good photographer yet at all. Maybe in 10-50 years. But I sure do notice flowers more, even weeds.

If you are a beginner like me and getting into Digital SLR cameras like a Nikon or Canon (I got a Nikon D3100 at Best Buy), I can’t recommend checking out www.The for her “layman’s terms” tutorial on “What the Heck is an Aperture?” highly enough.

I read parts 1-4 last night and it blew my frickin’ wig off. (Just input that title into her search engine on the homepage and it’ll all come up.)

Ree Drummond continues to delight and inspire.

On the other hand, I am still afraid to open the manual that came with my camera, so I don’t really know what all the do-hickies are on it or what they actually do.

4.) Hey Coffee Achievers, coffee is even better for you than EVER! I read it on Yahoo this morning- a cup of coffee has more antioxidants than a serving of blueberries! What- what- what?

Coffee Bean and Tea LeafI am so freakin’ NOT feeling as badly about my Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf small nonfat no sugar added vanilla latte habit right about now (170 calories). It tastes like liquid angels and now it’s even better for me.

Holy smokes.

This is where fun meets awesome meets…

Ok, I’ll stop. Someone’s had too much coffee.

But wait Soul Sista- there’s more!

5.) Moderate coffee drinkers (1-3 cups) have lower rates of stroke then non-coffee drinkers, which is linked to the antioxidants. And your liver loves it and it may help prevent cancer and type 2 diabetes.

latte imageCheck out the full article on Yahoo, but that is enough for me to have my usual 1-2 cups of happy.

Tell me what you love today if you feel like it. Have a beautiful day!


Heidi Ferrer-Heidi

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2 Responses to Five Things I’m Loving

  1. Shauna Leamy says:

    I have to agree with you on the weight loss — I have found that my only successful weightloss program is the flu — it works every time, no matter what I eat and how much. Strange, but true. I don’t recommend getting the flu to lose weight, but it’s kind of the silver lining in the end. Now that’s a shameful confession on my part — even worse, I would chalk up at least 30 pounds off my tall figure to the flus I have had since I have had kids and had the cold and germs they share with me. The flu I had last month took off 9 pounds and I went from a size 12 to a 10. I am now enjoying wearing my size 8s, naturally — I’ll take off the pounds I should loose to wear an 8 later lol. Then onward to my coveted size 6s waiting patiently in my closet. Flu season is over so I, and I bet the weight won’t come off until after next Christmas for me. As everyone keeps telling though, I have had three kids in the last five years, and it takes time.

    Congrats on the belt notch, and I will get back to reading before my laptop battery dies and I once again try to coax the plug in to charge it back up again.

    Have a wonderful week!!!

  2. Heidi Ferrer says:

    At least the flu has a silver lining, I concur Shauna! :-)

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