How To Do Ombre Hair Yourself

Pink Ombre Hair

Pink ombre hair on moi.

















I have DIY pink ombre hair!

Well, just the tips. There’s a dirty joke in there somewhere…

I love it! I did it myself last night and it was super easy to do. I’m excited about a fun change that’s not too much of a commitment, I used semi-permanent color that will gradually wash out lighter and in a few haircuts it can be gone (if I get sick of it).

It’s also really easy to touch up if I decide to keep it longer.

This was a bit of an impulse move on my part, but I did love this photo (see post below) from Pinterest, and the girl in it has curly/wavy hair kinda around my color of blonde.

I got special instructions from the girl who worked at the beauty supply that I will pass on to you, things that were not on the bottle instructions.

First she said to make sure your hair is freshly washed before you do it, because even though the color will “take” on slightly dirty hair, you don’t want to wash it for a few days after you apply it.

Her reasoning was that light hair like mine is porous (it has highlights), and God forbid the fresh color “bleeds” in the shower and my whole head turns light pink! Like an Easter egg. Cute on some people, but not the effect I wanted.

She also told me to use rubber gloves so I didn’t stain my skin. Durr, this hadn’t even occurred to me! Sometimes I am quite the genius. They sold me a cheap pair of latex gloves for 99 cents, problem solved.

Now I have heard rumors of people doing this with Kool Aid and also testing it with artist’s chalk colors from the art supply store. This is what I used:

Creative Image AdoreLook at all the choices! The hair color cost about $6.99, not bad, I think. The brand I used is called Creative Image Adore #81 Hot Pink. (They are not sponsoring this post.)

Here is: How to do ombre hair color yourself:

I washed my hair and conditioned it normally. I towel dried and applied all of my usual hair stuff- anti frizz serum, etc. I thought that stuff might keep the color from taking, but nope! It was fine.

I then combed my leave-in products through and parted my hair the way I wear it, putting the ends of my two pigtails in ouchless hair bands. I evened them up as best as I could to match, then towel dried the ends even more.

I wore an old dark T-shirt so I wouldn’t stain my clothes or PJs. Next, I just applied the color up to the rubber bands/hair ties with my fingers (wearing the latex gloves!). As soon as it was on, I rinsed it off right away under cold water in the sink. I figured I could always make it darker or do it again, but it took fast.

Some people leave it on for 15 minutes and apply heat, or just wear it for an hour without heat- I didn’t need to.

Now, for dark hair, I’m not sure- I did notice there are bright semi-permanent colors that say only for dark hair in the salon. You can always get your hair bleached or lightened on the ends (or for a streak) before adding the color!

pink ombre hair

The back of my new hair.

























I scrunched my curly hair with my fingers and half air dried, half blew it dry and WAH-LAH!

If you want to try this but are afraid of messing up, go to a salon or at least get a girlfriend to help who’s good with hair.

For work: If wild color is not appropriate for your job, the ends can tuck nicely hidden into a twist or a bun.

pink ombre hair ponytail

So cute.

For casual wear, it’s fun in a pink ponytail!

Life is short, I figure why not squeeze all of the fun you can get out of it? I’m enjoying the looks I’m getting in Target- I’m sooooo counter culture, now- a rebel– ha!


~ Heidi

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17 Responses to How To Do Ombre Hair Yourself

  1. nikkiana says:

    That came out really good! It makes me miss when I used to have blue hair…

  2. monica says:

    love that color. i am a brunette, but if i was a blond – i would sooooo do that.

  3. Meg says:

    I’m on the end of a pink streak…literally! :) I have a friend who’s a hair dresser, and I was her pink guinea pig. (It was fabulous!) We put every shade from light pink to magenta highlights in my blonde hair. Super fun. And my work didn’t even mind! (I work at a veterinary hospital). Then again…they did tell me that they expect me to do these kind of things!

    I love the hair, you did a fantastic job! Rock it lady!

  4. Candice G says:

    I wish I could do it! They frown on that sort of thing in the District Attorney’s office. :(

  5. Dana says:

    Super cute! My corporate slavedrivers probably won’t like it, either, but they can suck it! I think I’ll go blue. :)

  6. ValerieGirl says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I actually have dark brown and when i got out of rehab decided that everything needed to change so I went and got black with bright red chunks and I’m lovin it! I actually just touched it up last night with the bright red you listed above and it looks fabulous again! :)

    Nice job Heidi!

  7. Debbie says:

    Very cute hair. Could you help me out and tell me the name of the resort that was used in the movie Mini’s First Time. Thank you.

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