Jeweled Sandals- Flats

Jeweled sandals flats

Hey! I’ve been getting some requests for a Summer Sandals post and that is right up my alley, because girrrrl, I love me some SPARKLY SHOES!

*I want to begin by apologizing for my feet, I am clearly not a foot model and I did my own pathetic glitter pedicure about a week ago. Yes, I am so lazy I took pictures of my feet without redoing my toenails!

I also have big feet, size 9-10 and my second toe is longer than the big toe, which is a sign of intelligence, or would be if I hadn’t semi fried my brain with gallons upon gallons of vodka. Ok, not really, but just ignore my feet and look at the pretty shoes. Ooooooo, SPARKLE!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way we can proceed with the fashion.*

I love the shoes above, they are soooo comfortable. One of my new favorite stores is called the Cebu Store in my local mall, they sell handbags, costume jewelry, shoes and accessories, most of it sparkly or studded. Here’s another pair from Cebu that I’m crazy about:

jeweled sandals flats

You have to see the little jewel detail dangling from the toe on these:

jeweled sandals flats

Adorable, right? All of these first three pairs I’m showing come in two or more colors and they all cost about $20 a pair. Here’s another cool style in yellow:

yellow flower sandals

These don’t photograph as well, but they make a nice statement with the big flower on each foot. I got them in black and off white as well, they are very cushy, like sandal slippers, kind of…

jeweled sandals

These sparkly starfish shoes are one of my best finds, they’re made by Aerosoles and they have a small wedge “kitten” heel, so I can dress them up or dress them down.

I dig starfish on shoes and accessories. I got them at Macy’s on sale, in both the silver and a gold, and they are cushiony and beyond comfortable for “dressy” shoes.

kitten heel


Here’s the very small heel from the side, you can see it’s a little worn. I rarely wear heels any higher than these unless I’m wearing them to bed with my honey, WHOO!

I do enjoy many aspects of being a girl :-)


~ Heidi

P.S. My posts are never sponsored, I paid for these myself. Over and out.

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2 Responses to Jeweled Sandals- Flats

  1. Melanie says:

    You just reminded me I need to go summer sandal shopping. I want a pair of Saltwaters this year before I head to the beach. These are all very cute.

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