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Panda Hooded Towel

Episode 2 of my little web series talk show Mother Bloggers is up live today! Whoo hoo! This episode’s two fun topics are: Bedtime Battles with your kids and Most Embarrassing Mom Moments.

You know I have a monkey barrel of those to choose from…I picked a couple of doozies.

It doesn’t matter if you missed the first one, you don’t need to catch up or anything. You can watch it any time of day or night on your computer, tablet or smartphone or stream it to your TV if you have one of those devices like a Roku box. Here is the link to click and check it out, it’s 25 minutes total: Mother Bloggers. Thanks for watching!

heidi ferrer














In other news, I keep hearing a gnarly flu is going around and I do not watch to catch it, man. I’m cyber-protecting myself with this Hello Kitty medical mask that I got as a free gift when I bought that cozy cute panda hooded towel for Bex from a little Japanese store.

Yes, I do realize I’m err…weird. Embracing your silly is by far the best way to go through life, I’ve found.

chicken soup









I hope you and your family haven’t gotten sick and if you are under the weather, feel better very soon.

Peace, love, and heart shaped carrots. :-)

~ H

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