Mother Bloggers Premiere Today!

Heidi Ferrer 2013

Happy New Year 2013! Now, for my first trick of the year- ha ha, my new web series Mother Bloggers is already up online any time you want to watch it, whenever it’s convenient for you. It’s described as “The View meets Desperate Housewives.”

The first episode is only about 25 minutes, there are no ad interruptions. Watch it all in one sitting or just check a few minutes out- whatever works.

First Run TV is a new channel on the Internet that’s creating original shows that you can watch for free on your computer, smartphone, tablet and web-ready TV sets. You can also stream it to your TV screen if you have a Roku box, HuluPlus, PS 3, etc.

This is part of the wave of the future in entertainment, baby. I am sooooo on the cutting edge, ha.

Mother Bloggers

My new talk show!

I hope you enjoy it, it’s very low budget, but I think it looks really good and will only get better from here, as we ladies on the panel get to know each other better and talk about some hot topics!

I’d love to know what you think and please suggest any topics you’d like to see us discuss on future shows in the comments below. The other bloggers are all really funny, likeable and as you’ll see- real.

Just click here for the landing page for First Run TV here and click on the Mother Bloggers logo (on channel 7).

first run tvIt’ll take you to another page and click on the Mother Bloggers image one more time.

Wait a few moments after you click the second time and the media player will open- it will automatically start to play. Yay. Fun!

Thanks for watching!


~ Heidi

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4 Responses to Mother Bloggers Premiere Today!

  1. WeezaFish says:

    That’s so cool, excited for you. I’ll go look when I’m home. You’re on TV!

  2. Jim says:

    This was an entertaining and informative video! I liked your segments the best– the most honest and natural! Looking forward to more videos!

    • Heidi Ferrer says:

      Thank you for watching, Jim! We had some technical problems in shooting the first one with hearing each other, so I know we will all be better next time and get into the flow of it.

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