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Jenny Lawson Heidi Ferrer

I totally didn’t find this awesome new website myself, I got the tip from the always incredible Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, on her blog yesterday.

PicMonkey.com has free online photo editing and it is a hoot and a half, y’all.

I hope Jenny doesn’t mind that I played around with this picture of us, above. She’s glowing with her fabulousness.

Heidi Ferrer

Today is actually The Day of the Dead, so this photo on the left of me is fitting, for that.

I’ll tell you what, when I started this blog two years ago, I desperately wanted to purchase the fancy Photoshop editing program.

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, who I still read regularly, was blogging about it and her photos looked so cool, I thought I would just absolutely NEED it someday.

I think it was around $1,000, so I just put it on my back burner, dream list.

funny chef picture


But I gotta tell ya, since I’m not a professional photographer, now that they have a site like PicMonkey, I’m not sure if I’ll ever need Photoshop. Whoo hoo, I saved a thousand dollars!

Mummy MommyYou can do so many cool things on there, I’ll let you discover it for yourself.

Here are a few creepy vampire pictures I made of crazy moi.

I know I’m a day late for creepy pictures since Halloween was yesterday, but just go with it, ‘kay?

I added creepy eyes, bats, fangs and blood to this one, which still looks better than I do in person.




If you click on Jenny’s post, she did awesomely cool images of her beautiful daughter Hailey and her cat, but my husband didn’t want me to do a scary one of Bex (this time, anyway).

Vampire girl




I used the same picture for these last two with slightly different effects.

This second time I didn’t use the demonic eyes, but instead added a weird red glow around them.

And then I tried to make a witch of myself, which err…wasn’t that hard to accomplish.















It’s not easy being green like Kermit, and it’s also not easy having green cleavage with black cats and creepy ravens crawling all over them. :-)

My husband just said that it looks like I have no top on in this photo, I do, it’s just strapless and cropped out of the image. Stripper witch, that’s what I was going for. Nothing says classy like tattoos on your boobs.

Happy Day of the Dead, my pretties.


~ Heidi

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