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Girl to Mom Shops! Fumbling towards Ecstasy and cute shoes!


Heidi Ferrer

Swarovski crystal hoop earrings- love!


Oh, girl. Don’t you just feel SAFE in a mall? *SIGH*

I wear everything from Prada to Payless…and I am NOT a shopping snob. I HATE SNOBS! Don’t you? Oooo…YUCK!

I will put my best bargain finds here, LOVE IT!!! And I am not afraid to tell you when I found something for five dolla.

Some people say it is not as fun to shop for little boys as it is for girls, but I so delight in shopping for my monkey, he has a plethora of monkey shirts to prove it.

Bex in monkey shirt

A snow hat in August, a monkey shirt and a duck. What more do you need in life?

I knew in the womb that he had a “hat face.” And due to my own arrested development and level of maturity, I also get to shop for a little girl.

I am not being paid anything to say this- but Suave Kids hair detangler- the green one with the purple octopus on it? It coats less than 2 dollars at Target and works better as a curly hair product (or wavy hair product) for grown-ups than the many more expensive products I use.

It smells like apples, apple Jolly Ranchers really, which I though was too strong at first- but it fades quickly and just smells freshly washed.

It works as well as a lot of those shine sprays- it looks wet at first if you use a lot, but it dries pretty and natural looking. And it works on both me and my kiddo! Here’s a pic I took:

Suave Kids Detangler

Curly/wavy hair refresher

I LOVE a bargain!!!

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  2. Elizabeth Howard says:

    Are you on facebook, very interested in this from you!!

  3. Tuesday says:

    Where can I find the green jeweled sandals!

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